How to add worldwide aerial photo and street maps from MapQuest
How to purchase PRIMAR charts using an RPNS staff account
How to buy charts for another vessel in your fleet
How to buy PRIMAR chart for your own boat
How to select PRIMAR charts
This article explains how to download and install drivers for your Rose Point Navigation Systems hardware device
How to use the Actisense NGT-1 NMEA 2000 to PC Interface with Coastal Explorer
New WebMap chart types
How to buy PRIMAR chart for local boat
How to buy PRIMAR charts using a Rose Point Staff account
How to perform the initial installation of PRIMAR charts
Guide Book browser now offers a dynamic Index Page and previous/next navigation controls
a visual clue displayed on the chart panel, of where it'€™s safe to travel.
Show Vector charts on top of raster charts or raster web maps
Aerial Photo & Topographic Web Maps
Description of new and updated features
How to install C-MAP charts on a 2nd computer without internet access
A list of changes made to Coastal Explorer 2011
This eight part video seminar explores Coastal Explorer, from Getting Started (overview) through planning and using routes.
Answers to the most common questions about C-MAP by Jeppesen Charts.
How to find, purchase, and install C-MAP by Jeppesen charts for use in Coastal Explorer.
This article explains how to install the Active Captain Add-on if you're using Coastal Explorer 2011.
Problems with some USB Serial Adapters are the number one cause of crashes in Coastal Explorer. Here's how you can avoid these problems.
Is switching between Day/Dusk/Night mode incredibly slow? This explains what we know about the problem and how you may be able to fix it.

How to purchase and install charts from ChartWorld.
This is a DRAFT of the Radar Installation Guide in PDF format.
This is a DRAFT of the Coastal Explorer 2 Reference Manual in PDF format.

Using the Coastal Explorer Network Guide Book
Describes the ability to save and select custom screen splits and configurations.

Coastal Explorer 2.0 supports radar overlay with our digital networked radar scanners. Here is how to install, display, and control the radar under Coastal Explorer 2.0.
We've completely redesigned the options area of Coastal Explorer 2.0 to be much more useable.
In Coastal Explorer 2.0, there is a new chart downloader to simplify getting charts on to your system.
Cruise mode has a brand new look and new features. This is an overview of what has changed, and how to use the new UI.
This article explains different methods of sending both the Application.log file and an NMEA logfile (nmea.log).

This page describes the setup of the electronics on the yacht used for much of Rose Point's product testing.
Coastal Explorer 1.1 runs on Vista just fine, but you might have tweak a few things. The details are in this article.
If for some reason you've un-installed Coastal Explorer, when you re-install you may need to follow these steps to get anything you've saved in the application back up and ready for use.
Some users (predicted log racers in particular) find it handy to copy their route information to a spreadsheet, this details how.
Having trouble uploading routes to your Garmin? This should help.
Coastal Explorer **can** be used on the Mac! This article discusses the different methods, issues, and workarounds involved in getting it to work well.
Watch out for that ship! A brief introduction to the Automatic Identification System (AIS)

Have you built up a large collection of charts and now want to "clean house"?
Does your mouse cursor jump around the screen when you start your computer? Here's how to make it stop...
Dealing with the transition to USB. Or, how to fit a D-shaped plug into a rectangular hole...