Purchasing and Installing C-MAP by Jeppesen Charts
by brad on 27-Jan-2012

Purchasing C-MAP Charts from Rose Point

Enter the chart portfolio “Main Menu > Chart Portfolio” and select “Enter the Chart Store” from the list on the left side of the window. The left-side panel will be replaced to show different vendors of charts, some free some not. Choose "C-MAP by Jeppesen" from that list.

If you have upgraded from a previous version of Coastal Explorer, you may need to install the “C-MAP Add-On” and the “C-MAP Licensing System” at this point. If these are needed, Coastal Explorer will prompt you.

You will now see a panel called "Coverage Areas". Choose the area that applies to you. Once you do that, you will see a list of chart regions within your chosen coverage area. You will also see a Map View, at the right, that shows outlines for each C-MAP chart region. If you select a specific chart region from the left, it will be highlighted on the chart to the right, showing you the area covered by that chart region. The region also shows the price for that region and has an "Add to cart button, so you can add that chart region to the Shopping Cart for purchase when you are finished choosing chart regions.

Notice that many areas are covered by more than one chart option. In some cases this is because adjacent regions have some overlap, and in other cases this is because different types of charts are available for the same area. If clicking on a chart does not select the one you want, try clicking on the edge of the chart area rather than the interior. You can also right-click on an area and use the “Select Other Chart” option to pick the one you want.

Once you’ve selected the charts you want to purchase and have added them to your shopping cart, press the “Shopping Cart” button at the top to place your order.

After you have completed your order, licenses for your new charts will be installed on your PC and Coastal Explorer will begin downloading the charts. You will see progress of the download in the Properties Panel.

When the download completes, your C-MAP charts are ready to be used. To use them, exit the Chart Portfolio and select “Chart Tools > C-MAP Charts” or press the M key.

Installing C-MAP charts on a second or third PC

You may install C-MAP chart licenses on each of your active Coastal Explorer PC’s (up to three). After you have purchased a C-MAP chart license on one PC, you use this procedure to install the C-MAP charts and licenses on your other PC’s.

  1. Open the “Main Menu > Licensing and Add-Ons > Add-Ons” window.
  2. The C-MAP chart regions you have purchased should be listed in this Add Ons tab, each with an Install button below it. Click the Install button for the chart region you wish to install on this system. Note that, depending on how you install Coastal Explorer, you may be prompted to install missing C-MAP components. If so, install them. This will force a restart of Coastal Explorer, so once those additional components are installed, you'll have to start over at Step 1.

This will cause the charts to be both downloaded and licensed. C-MAP chart data can be quite large, so we recommend you do this when you have a fast and stable Internet connection, since an interruption in Internet service may cause problems and you may need to call us for help should this happen.

Once the download has completed, your C-MAP charts will be ready to use.

Installing C-MAP charts on a PC without using the Internet

If you need to install C-MAP charts on a second or third PC without using the Internet, you will need to call Rose Point in order to activate your C-MAP charts for the additional PC’s.

Please follow the procedure on the page linked below: