Frequently Asked Questions: C-MAP by Jeppesen Charts
by brad on 09-Feb-2012

What version of Coastal Explorer do I need? Support for C-MAP charts requires Coastal Explorer 2011, version 3.0.12025 or later. You can check your version by clicking the Main Menu and selecting "Licensing and Add-Ons". If you're not running the latest version, you can download it from

Are any demo charts available? Yes, demo charts are available for a selection of regions around the world. They can be found in the Chart Portfolio, under "Chart Store" as "C-MAP Demo Charts (free)".

How do I order them? The C-MAP charts may be ordered directly from the Chart Portfolio in Coastal Explorer. You can use the graphical region selector, or choose from a list. Once you have chosen a region you can purchase it directly with a credit card.

How are the charts delivered? Charts are delivered via the Internet. We can also provide the files on CD or DVD for a nominal charge (call to order).

How many computers can I install the charts on? You can install the charts on up to three computers at a time. If you a computer needs to be replaced, the installation can be retired, and the charts can be installed on the new computer.

Why do the C-MAP charts look different from NOAA Charts? The charts are drawn by the C-MAP chart engine, which uses different colors, symbols, contours, etc on the screen.

What about coverage for the Bahamas? The C-MAP charts contain chart data from the Explorer Chartbooks which are produced from data collected during private surveys of popular destinations in the Bahamas.

Can I purchase the charts from my local C-MAP Reseller? Yes, many resellers also offer the C-MAP charts on DVD. You can purchase the chart from them to install on your computer. Coastal Explorer will recognize them once they have been installed.

Do I need a Dongle? No, generally you do not need a dongle, however they are supported. There are circumstances where they might be useful. If for example you needed to reload the charts and did not have internet and/or phone access.

How much do they cost? The most popular regions in North America cost $199. The rest of the regions are priced by size and location. The prices are shown in the Chart Portfolio in Coastal Explorer.

What do they include? The C-MAP MAX chart products include vector charts, marina and port information, Marine Protected Areas, Explorer Chart coverage (Bahamas), and tide level/tidal current predictions.

Updates, how much, how often? C-MAP offers periodic updates for the charts. They are offered at approximately 50% of the original retail price per region, per update. Contact C-MAP for details.

What type of charts are they? C-MAP charts are vector charts.

chart compatibility
27-Feb-2014 ptlones

I'm installing a new furuno navnet 3d system on my boat and would like to add C-Map charts for extended cruising. Will Coastal Explorer be able to also use those charts? I believe C-map creates a specific format for the NavNet system. Ted

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