Frequently Asked Questions: C-MAP by Jeppesen Charts
by brad on 09-Feb-2012

** What version of Coastal Explorer do I need?** Support for C-MAP charts requires Coastal Explorer 2011, version 3.0.12025 or later. You can check your version by clicking the Main Menu and selecting "Licensing and Add-Ons". If you're not running the latest version, you can download it from

**Are any demo charts available?** Yes, demo charts are available for a selection of regions around the world. They can be found in the Chart Portfolio, under "Chart Store" as "C-MAP Demo Charts (free)".

**How do I order them?** The C-MAP charts may be ordered directly from the Chart Portfolio's "Chart Store" in Coastal Explorer. You can use the graphical region selector, or choose from a list. Once you have chosen a region you can purchase it directly with a credit card.

**How are the charts delivered?** Charts are delivered via the Internet. We can also provide the files on CD or DVD for a nominal charge (call to order).

**How many computers can I install the charts on?** You can install the charts on up to three computers at a time. If you a computer needs to be replaced, the installation can be retired, and the charts can be installed on the new computer.

**Why do the C-MAP charts look different from NOAA Charts?** The charts are drawn by the C-MAP chart engine, which uses different colors, symbols, contours, etc on the screen.

**What about coverage for the Bahamas?** The C-MAP charts contain chart data from the Explorer Chartbooks which are produced from data collected during private surveys of popular destinations in the Bahamas.

**Can I purchase the charts from my local C-MAP Reseller?** Yes, many resellers also offer the C-MAP charts on DVD. You can purchase the chart from them to install on your computer. Coastal Explorer will recognize them once they have been installed. However, we recommend buying them online through Coastal Explorer's Chart Store since any problems you have installing or activating DVD versions will need to be handled by the vendor or C-MAP, since we have no means of supporting C-MAP chart installation and activation using DVDs.

**Do I need a Dongle?** No, generally you do not need a dongle, however they are supported. There are circumstances where they might be useful. If for example you needed to reload the charts and did not have internet and/or phone access.

**How much do they cost?** The most popular regions in North America cost $199. The rest of the regions are priced by size and location. The prices are shown in the Chart Portfolio in Coastal Explorer.

**What do they include?** The C-MAP MAX chart products include vector charts, marina and port information, Marine Protected Areas, Explorer Chart coverage (Bahamas), and tide level/tidal current predictions.

**Updates, how much, how often?** C-MAP offers periodic updates for the charts. They are offered at approximately 50% of the original retail price per region, per update. Contact C-MAP for details.

**What type of charts are they?** C-MAP charts are vector charts.

chart compatibility
27-Feb-2014 ptlones

I'm installing a new furuno navnet 3d system on my boat and would like to add C-Map charts for extended cruising. Will Coastal Explorer be able to also use those charts? I believe C-map creates a specific format for the NavNet system. Ted