Video Seminar: Exploring Coastal Explorer
by brad on 21-May-2012

This is the complete seminar. You can use the playlist button in the video player to select specific chapters.

Chapter 1: Overview   Watch   Download
Chapter 2: Configuration   Watch   Download
Chapter 3: Navigation Objects   Watch   Download
Chapter 4: Charts   Watch   Download
Chapter 5: Conditions & Guide Books   Watch   Download
Chapter 6: Using Costal Explorer Underway   Watch   Download

Or download a zip file containing all six videos

Additional Video Topics

These are short videos on a specific topic, rather than the more generalized tutorials above.

Accessing Chart Tools - new button   Watch   Download
Configuring Automatic Chart Subscriptions   Watch   Download

Route info on leg of route
22-May-2012 junefran15

The route info, distance and course between waypoints, only seem to show up when the chart is zoomed into. Even then it is hard to read. Is there some way to make it easier to read and at all chart zoom levels?

22-May-2012 RainShadow

I click on the link in the email notice and get here b ut can't get anything to operate from here? What eles do I need to do to run the seminar?

Using Windows Ultimate 64 bit

22-May-2012 Rose Point Staff Member brad

All you need is a browser capable of playing YouTube videos... If the embedded player is not working on your system, you could try watching directly on YouTube.

23-May-2012 s_gabe

Great job! Very helpful in teaching many of the programs features.

23-May-2012 rcassano

Great series of videos. Here are some topics I think might make for additional video's.

1. Setting up and using CE with an autopilot - How to configure a specific AP and what NMEA data is required for the AP to run properly.

2. Advance route functions like split routes and intersections as well as reversing a route.

3. Most common tech support questions and answers.

Great Idea Richard
25-May-2012 jordans

We will take your suggestion into consideration! Did you ever get your RPNS Gateway that you were interested in last fall?

Much better than a live presentation
26-May-2012 rlproctor

I have been using CE since it's introduction and I learned or relearned several things from these videos. The pace is just right and the ability to stop, backup and restart makes learning much easier. I would be interested in a tips and tricks video for intermediate level users. Many of us use CE intensively during the cruising season, but forget many of the tips and tricks during the off-season. A quick refresher would be valuable. Thanks for providing these excellent training videos.

Great job!
11-Dec-2012 mguerreiro

I don't like most tutorials because I find them too slow, they belabor the obvious, etc. This one was paced just right, and I found the memory aids employed were very effective (e.g. "your boat is your home and the home key brings you back to it.") While I've been using CE for quite a while, I learned about several helpful new features that I had been ignorant of. Thank you!