Install C-MAP on computer without internet access
by marshallp on 17-Jul-2013

These instruction are only for Coastal Explorer 3.x versions

Here's how to install C-MAP charts on a second computer (without internet access) once they have been purchased and installed on your first computer.

The second computer needs three things, which we will get using the first computer:

  1. The latest update for Coastal Explorer
  2. The Coastal Explorer C-MAP Add-on
  3. The C-MAP chart file

NOTE: The version of Coastal Explorer on your CD may not be the latest. If so, downloading and installing the latest update from our website is necessary.

On the first computer (WITH internet access and the C-MAP chart installed):

From the support page of our website, download the first two updates found under Top Support Topics onto a USB flash drive:

  1. The Latest version of Coastal Explorer:
    • Follow the 'Download' links to get the latest Coastal Explorer, and save it to a USB flash drive
  2. Coastal Explorer C-MAP Add-On:
    • Use the Download Add-On button and save it to a USB flash drive
  3. Using Coastal Explorer, copy the installed C-MAP Chart to the USB flash drive:
    • From the Main Menu select Chart Portfolio
    • Select C-MAP Charts in the Installed Charts section on the left side
    • Right-click on the C-MAP chart region and select Copy to
    • In the Copy Charts dialog box, use the Copy to: drop-down menu to select the USB flash drive and click OK. This puts chart file in the root directory of the USB flash drive; critical it remain there (in the root) for the process to work.
    • When it's done copying, use the Windows 'Safely Remove Hardware' icon to eject the USB Flash drive

On the second computer (without Internet access):

Insert the USB flash drive and install the two Coastal Explorer 2011 updates:

  1. Install UpdateCE13330... (or newer version)
    • Uncheck the Start Coastal Explorer now checkbox
  2. Install UpdateCECMAP...
    • Allow Coastal Explorer to restart
  3. Install the C-MAP chart from within Coastal Explorer
    • From the Main Menu, select Chart Portfolio
    • Under Ready to Install on the left side, select C-MAP Charts on F:\ (or whatever your USB flash drive is)
    • Click the C-MAP chart to select it (may need to select 'Detail View' to the left of the Globe icon at top of screen)
    • In the Properties panel (right side of the screen), click Install
    • If asked to install the C-MAP licensing system, say yes; restart CE and begin step 3 again
    • An Install C-MAP Chart License window opens

Call Rose Point Navigation Systems (425-605-0985) and provide your Product ID, Installation ID, Chart name and Chart License Request code (exactly, including punctuation). Rose Point will use the information to request a C-MAP chart license, which you'll enter into the Chart License field (all 30 characters) and click OK. Coastal Explorer will activate the license and copy the associate chart from the root directory of the USB flash drive to the correct location on this computer.