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Transfer a CE route to a Garmin Chartploter
by ppharman on 16-Apr 17:00
2 on 22-Apr 18:13
Grib data
by JohnOnWings on 19-Apr 18:30
0 on 19-Apr 18:40
by JohnOnWings
No wind for CE downloaded GRIB files
by PassePartout on 18-Apr 14:34
2 on 19-Apr 06:54
GWS and GWD panels
by JohnOnWings on 16-Apr 19:10
3 on 17-Apr 15:18
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Smoothing TTG & ETA
by RBEmerson on 02-Jun-2013
29 on 15-Apr 09:18
Coastal Explorer Update
by Rose Point Staff Member brad on 10-Apr 07:43
4 on 14-Apr 15:39
C-Map and tidal level
by JulianB on 10-Apr 10:26
3 on 14-Apr 15:14
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Route sharing and waypoint merging
by RBEmerson on 11-Apr 19:32
2 on 13-Apr 10:15
Coastal Explorer Beta Update
by Rose Point Staff Member brad on 08-Mar 13:42
27 on 10-Apr 07:52
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Instrument panel - is there a way to change the background color?
by eodted on 10-Apr 05:34
2 on 10-Apr 07:31
by amnicon on 22-Mar 18:48
11 on 09-Apr 08:51
by lcrass
Home key
by amnicon on 22-Mar 18:18
3 on 02-Apr 19:49
Help with BC charts
by Cullins on 24-Mar 20:23
1 on 01-Apr 11:41
.nob & .gpx file transfers\conversions???
by rumblefish on 31-Mar 10:27
1 on 01-Apr 10:48
by Rose Point Staff Member steven
2 Part question for OS X with VM fusion
by Charles Ellis on 06-Mar 07:26
3 on 29-Mar 11:08
by genoanv
CE on a MBP
by amnicon on 16-Mar 15:24
8 on 29-Mar 11:03
by genoanv
by krogenguy on 21-Mar 08:53
3 on 22-Mar 09:54
No More UK/IRL Tides
by steverow on 04-Dec-2012
13 on 21-Mar 16:14
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
MS Surface Pro 2 display
by CascadeThumper on 06-Mar 22:04
4 on 18-Mar 17:48
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Navigation Tab
by krogenguy on 15-Oct-2013
5 on 12-Mar 10:24
by Rose Point Staff Member steven
Coastal Explorer Beta Test
by Rose Point Staff Member brad on 11-Feb 13:13
19 on 11-Mar 21:55
C-Map vs Free Vector Chart Comparison
by rcassano on 03-Feb 13:42
8 on 08-Mar 15:30
manipulating route waypoints on Windows 8 Surface pro
by BlueFrontier on 26-Feb 09:13
2 on 03-Mar 12:05
iPad Air Support
by CapnDave on 30-Oct-2013
9 on 02-Mar 14:17
Using the selected keyboard shortcuts with the Beta version
by wodegard on 27-Feb 19:04
0 on 27-Feb 19:10
by wodegard
GPS questions
by JohnOnWings on 25-Feb 12:18
6 on 26-Feb 11:58
Chart outlines (hide)
by ron on 25-Feb 16:25
2 on 26-Feb 10:46
by ron
CE Performance issue/question
by KDELD on 22-Feb 12:24
6 on 25-Feb 17:29
Additional Engine Instruments?
by sovt on 25-Feb 17:20
0 on 25-Feb 17:25
by sovt
Chart Updates "Again"
by krogenguy on 21-Feb 11:58
3 on 24-Feb 13:51
by Rose Point Staff Member steven
Private Blog - How to invite or grant access to friends
by Madeline on 17-Feb 10:15
2 on 18-Feb 21:49
Any News on North Atlantic Graphic Weather
by steverow on 16-Feb 12:00
0 on 16-Feb 12:10
by steverow
Obstacle checking does not work with C-Map charts?
by JulianB on 09-Feb 23:54
7 on 12-Feb 03:31
by JulianB
Update crashed CE. HELP!!
by ron on 08-Feb 09:16
1 on 09-Feb 10:02
Track Line Width
by kate on 22-Nov-2010
8 on 08-Feb 08:25
by ron
Coast Pilot - last updated?
by RBEmerson on 15-Oct-2010
4 on 04-Feb 15:31
New Computer Questions
by rcassano on 11-Nov-2013
12 on 03-Feb 11:29
CE 2009 runnig in Windows 7
by bruce on 30-Nov-2009
3 on 03-Feb 08:06
C-Map Bahams chart seriously broken
by twistedtree on 28-Dec-2013
4 on 01-Feb 13:56
CE to Simrad AP20 question
by HenryD on 29-Jan 19:26
0 on 29-Jan 19:35
by HenryD
How do I get an Actisense NGT to work?
by drice on 27-Jan 15:05
4 on 29-Jan 05:13
by drice
by BUBBA on 16-Dec-2013
1 on 28-Jan 16:09
How many HAMS??
by steverow on 29-Apr-2012
17 on 28-Jan 11:02
Reversing route when you have a split route
by dbldune109 on 16-Jan 16:30
1 on 20-Jan 08:59
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
AIS (again). Standard Horizon AIS to CE
by w42sailor on 15-Jan 08:46
3 on 16-Jan 13:13
by LarryH
Famous (Infamous?) Intracoastal "Magenta Line"
by Rose Point Staff Member steven on 14-Jan 12:30
0 on 14-Jan 12:40
by steven
AIS Questions
by waterman480 on 12-Jan 15:55
3 on 13-Jan 19:11
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
GWF broken east of 60 degrees?
by steverow on 08-Jan 13:15
1 on 13-Jan 15:33
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
AIS Predictor Line
by ve7mdl on 06-Jan 19:27
0 on 06-Jan 19:35
by ve7mdl
Dead Reckoning
by drothkopf on 24-Dec-2013
2 on 06-Jan 08:04
by ron
Active captain
by dreinken on 01-Jan 06:50
1 on 02-Jan 07:34
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
graphical forecast, a new idea, a question and one still existing problem
by JulianB on 09-Apr-2011
13 on 29-Dec 08:23
by dirk65
Copy routes
by rbancroft on 23-Dec-2013
1 on 23-Dec-2013
by Rose Point Staff Member steven
Making AIS Targets Invisible
by SVNeko on 24-Apr-2013
8 on 20-Dec-2013
by henning
Connecting SITEX SP-70 Autopilot
by rgano on 18-Dec-2013
1 on 19-Dec-2013
Content of Tracks should include speed, course and distance between the recorded points
by MrMuzi on 19-Nov-2013
3 on 17-Dec-2013
Touch-Friendly Route Creation
by Rose Point Staff Member brad on 03-Dec-2013
5 on 14-Dec-2013
by JulianB
Editing track data fields
by SeaEagle1 on 08-Dec-2013
2 on 10-Dec-2013
Feature Request
by Alexey on 09-Dec-2013
0 on 09-Dec-2013
by Alexey
Coastal Explorer 3.1.13330
by Rose Point Staff Member brad on 03-Dec-2013
2 on 09-Dec-2013
by Rose Point Staff Member brad

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