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Photos in AIS browser
by JohnOnWings on 25-Apr 14:19
0 on 25-Apr 14:25
by JohnOnWings
Updating and purchasing C-Map charts
by jnorlin on 08-Nov-2014
6 on 21-Apr 09:14
by jnorlin
Wanted: Odometer!
by RBEmerson on 14-Nov-2014
5 on 13-Apr 10:14
by rgano
"Phantom" AIS targets
by twistedtree on 10-Apr 21:02
2 on 12-Apr 19:56
USB Question & Chart/Vessel Display Issue
by krogenguy on 06-Apr 16:43
7 on 07-Apr 19:02
by tpbrady
NEMA to USB adaptor
by jules on 31-Mar 19:08
2 on 02-Apr 06:03
by jules
Coastal Explorer username/password
by mrdrew on 28-Mar 07:37
1 on 29-Mar 12:38
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
DSC Position Handling
by ve7mdl on 23-Mar 23:22
4 on 28-Mar 06:38
NMEA data question, enabling "repeater" for the data port shares AIS data with Raymarine chart plotter, but heading stops updating
by KDELD on 22-Mar 15:54
6 on 27-Mar 19:01
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Vector Charts Showing Magenta "d" on Most Buoys in Upper Chesapeake Bay
by Tim_Martin on 26-Mar 15:49
4 on 27-Mar 06:10
Interfacing NavNet VX2 to Coastal Explorer PC
by PhysicsTeacher on 21-Mar 20:31
1 on 23-Mar 13:12
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Replacing an old watertight touchscreen
by jnorlin on 08-Mar 11:44
10 on 22-Mar 10:39
by jnorlin
Chart Update Problems
by ve7mdl on 16-Mar 18:30
1 on 16-Mar 18:46
by Rose Point Staff Member steven
Create NEMA sentence TTM from AIS data?
by RBEmerson on 18-Oct-2014
11 on 16-Mar 12:51
Graphical Forcast
by BUBBA on 07-Feb 10:12
5 on 13-Mar 20:17
Repeater for NMEA0183 AIS data on the same COM port?
by JulianB on 23-Feb 04:49
8 on 08-Mar 13:08
What happened to my list of tracks?
by NickWigen on 25-Feb 20:33
2 on 05-Mar 01:01
Feature Request: Create Active Captain Markers
by geoffschultz on 16-Apr-2012
1 on 04-Mar 04:35
Information Window Enhancement
by tpbrady on 03-Mar 16:47
0 on 03-Mar 16:55
by tpbrady
Error downloading BC chart updates
by JohnOnWings on 09-Sep-2014
7 on 02-Mar 20:50
CHS tides and currents
by JohnOnWings on 09-Feb 22:26
3 on 16-Feb 23:28
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Updated tutorial for newest version of Coastal Explorer
by Quadraite on 13-Feb 17:58
1 on 16-Feb 16:35
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Rose Point Charts
by JohnOnWings on 09-Feb 22:38
1 on 16-Feb 16:29
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
video using cctv with easycap usb
by JKDoud on 06-Feb 15:19
3 on 09-Feb 14:28
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Timeline function reversed
by tcowling on 08-Feb 21:06
1 on 09-Feb 14:19
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Bluetooth GPS with Windows 8
by kosully520 on 01-Feb 00:51
1 on 05-Feb 15:19
Future feature request
by TheQue on 04-Feb 19:18
0 on 04-Feb 19:25
by TheQue
Next Course to Steer (Future Update)
by kosully520 on 01-Feb 00:34
0 on 01-Feb 00:40
by kosully520
Coastal Explorer Pre-Release Update
by Rose Point Staff Member brad on 30-Dec-2014
15 on 28-Jan 19:09
by TheQue
Another Coastal Explorer Update
by Rose Point Staff Member brad on 27-Jan 16:13
1 on 28-Jan 11:41
Simplest Simrad AP16 to CE connection?
by JohnDurden on 28-Nov-2014
3 on 22-Jan 06:54
Need to buy new Chartplotter to go with CE s/w. Suggestions?
by Scooter on 21-Jan 06:09
3 on 22-Jan 04:04
by henning
Updating failure.
by LarryH on 20-Jan 11:55
2 on 21-Jan 12:54
by LarryH
Photo Charts
by Tim_Onders on 16-Jan 18:56
1 on 20-Jan 15:11
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
New AIS features
by dreinken on 20-Jan 06:47
1 on 20-Jan 14:28
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
C-Map Zoom Levels
by tpbrady on 15-Jan 23:10
3 on 16-Jan 18:55
by tpbrady
Custom KAP "DecodeScanLine failed!" Message
by SDubec on 11-Jan 21:52
2 on 13-Jan 22:45
by SDubec
ETA/TTG Smoothing!!!
by Pyxis on 28-Oct-2014
8 on 13-Jan 07:08
How does CE find my location without a gps ?
by dreinken on 12-Dec-2014
4 on 04-Jan 06:01
by TheQue
USB Serial Port Problems
by gskrmetti on 01-Jan 07:52
3 on 02-Jan 16:09
How do I start a new "copy" on my new PC
by SD card on 26-Dec-2014
2 on 01-Jan 15:42
Grib Display over 180 Longitude ?
by Max on 30-Dec-2014
0 on 30-Dec-2014
by Max
Sailing Directions for British Columbia
by CFreet on 28-Dec-2014
0 on 28-Dec-2014
by CFreet
Boat image is stuck in one place... does not update
by vpo3 on 06-Oct-2014
7 on 21-Dec-2014
by vpo3
Save Routes by Region.
by Gary_Lorenz on 18-Dec-2014
2 on 19-Dec-2014
Need Canada west coast charts ASAP
by patrick on 14-Dec-2014
3 on 15-Dec-2014
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Feature Request
by tpbrady on 11-Dec-2014
2 on 15-Dec-2014
Interfacing to Standard Horizon VHF/AIS receiver
by Michael Gibbons on 07-Aug-2012
4 on 14-Dec-2014
Obstacle checking does not work with C-Map charts?
by JulianB on 09-Feb-2014
9 on 11-Dec-2014
by Rose Point Staff Member steven
Can Navionics Ohio River charts be displayed?
by rgano on 08-Nov-2014
3 on 11-Dec-2014
Iridium Go and GRIB Files
by tpbrady on 19-Nov-2014
1 on 05-Dec-2014
by tpbrady
Happy Thanksgiving.
by steverow on 21-Nov-2014
4 on 01-Dec-2014
Autopilot experiences?
by Cullins on 12-Oct-2011
15 on 19-Nov-2014
TTG TTW DTG DTW acyronims
by JamesBFrantz on 17-Nov-2014
0 on 17-Nov-2014
by JamesBFrantz
Over scale Flag
by BUBBA on 01-Jul-2014
7 on 15-Nov-2014
Track Display Request & Ongoing Request for Dis tance Traveled
by krogenguy on 08-Nov-2014
2 on 10-Nov-2014
Track Position Missing
by waterman480 on 09-Nov-2014
1 on 10-Nov-2014
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Associating tide stations
by RBEmerson on 07-Nov-2014
1 on 07-Nov-2014
Strange dimension units in AIS browser
by RBEmerson on 17-Oct-2014
9 on 06-Nov-2014
Tracking interval control
by RBEmerson on 03-Nov-2014
2 on 05-Nov-2014

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