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AtoN AIS Rendition
by ve7mdl on 08-Oct 22:58
0 on 08-Oct 22:05
by ve7mdl
Sync issue
by RBEmerson on 22-Sep 09:34
6 on 28-Sep 21:16
Windows 10
by rumblefish on 02-Jun-2015
15 on 28-Sep 00:07
by stuart
12 volt micro computers with charts on external (SDHC) drives
by waterman480 on 11-Sep 05:55
8 on 17-Sep 05:29
More details on the Rose Point Labs "Next User Interface" option
by Rose Point Staff Member brad on 27-May-2015
9 on 16-Sep 04:04
GPSBabel - does it still support Coastal Explorer?
by JohnH on 09-Sep 23:14
2 on 10-Sep 11:20
by JohnH
New Route Creation Tool - Question
by rcassano on 04-Sep 08:30
2 on 08-Sep 05:46
ActiveCaptain Route Storage and Synchronization
by Rose Point Staff Member brad on 31-Jul 13:14
10 on 04-Sep 10:35
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Crazy mouse &a Windows 10
by dreinken on 04-Sep 10:55
0 on 04-Sep 10:05
by dreinken
Voyage Plan Presentation
by kweiss on 27-Aug 06:53
6 on 04-Sep 06:54
by STARR on 23-Aug 07:51
6 on 29-Aug 09:03
using activecaptain addon during 10 day trial
by what_barnacles on 23-Aug 17:46
2 on 28-Aug 08:31
Where is the "loupe"?
by centerisland on 14-Aug 10:05
2 on 28-Aug 07:54
AIS Vessel Names
by tpbrady on 22-Aug 19:12
5 on 27-Aug 12:36
Icons for imported waypoints from gpx files
by hankcope on 18-Aug 11:22
3 on 26-Aug 19:38
by JohnH
Coastal Explorer Locking Up With C-Map Current Stations On
by lcrass on 22-Aug 09:16
5 on 25-Aug 17:34
by lcrass
Additional symbols for lights
by Charlie Phillips on 26-Feb-2008
3 on 18-Aug 11:12
AIS overload !
by dreinken on 16-Aug 14:52
4 on 18-Aug 09:42
by henning
Reverse the Direction of a Route
by acms2267 on 16-Aug 12:02
3 on 16-Aug 18:07
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Create NEMA sentence TTM from AIS data?
by RBEmerson on 18-Oct-2014
16 on 13-Aug 21:24
CE route upload to Simrad NSS evo2 over NMEA 0183?
by Ben Ellison on 30-Jul 12:45
5 on 13-Aug 06:28
Coastal Explorer "preview" update
by Rose Point Staff Member brad on 31-Jul 13:29
1 on 11-Aug 11:49
Simrad AC-42N
by rcassano on 29-Jul 19:12
3 on 08-Aug 10:52
Saving Vector Chart Settings
by waterman480 on 07-Aug 04:58
0 on 07-Aug 04:05
by waterman480
Any way to lock certain panels to display in latest version?
by tombro on 03-Aug 22:58
5 on 06-Aug 01:38
Any way to close the chart overview window ort take it away from the Vessels browser?
by jnorlin on 04-Aug 04:45
4 on 04-Aug 19:22
by jnorlin
Removing Current Stations From a Route Segment
by krogenguy on 01-Aug 10:17
2 on 01-Aug 13:45
ECS CPA errors
by waterman480 on 14-Jul 17:21
3 on 31-Jul 09:34
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Vector chart display
by dreinken on 27-Jul 07:10
4 on 27-Jul 16:07
Ground wind indication when moored
by daysailor on 23-Jul 15:31
6 on 27-Jul 11:01
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Multi-port serial adapter?
by twistedtree on 25-Jul 21:10
0 on 25-Jul 20:20
by twistedtree
Furuno 1st Watch WiFi Radar
by centerisland on 25-Jul 09:41
0 on 25-Jul 08:50
by centerisland
Wanted: Odometer!
by RBEmerson on 14-Nov-2014
9 on 24-Jul 15:59
DSC Display Position Reports
by scurvydog on 21-Jul 13:41
3 on 23-Jul 09:49
3 feature requests - wondering if these resonate with any other users?
by JohnH on 13-Jul 19:18
4 on 19-Jul 15:38
by JohnH
Jumping Chart
by rcassano on 16-Jul 11:52
3 on 19-Jul 11:11
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
C-MAP charts seems without obstacle checking / alert, negligible presentation control
by daysailor on 16-Jul 16:55
2 on 17-Jul 01:39
by henning
Creating routes in the new UI, 3.1.15169.2320
by jnorlin on 01-Jul 13:56
6 on 16-Jul 11:43
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Where does current data come from?
by labatt on 12-Jul 22:00
1 on 15-Jul 16:46
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Current Effect Calculation
by labatt on 01-Jul 12:03
5 on 12-Jul 20:48
by labatt
Search for a voyage plan / route
by JulianB on 10-Jul 07:10
1 on 11-Jul 10:55
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Update Off-line System
by ve7mdl on 02-Jul 17:36
1 on 09-Jul 14:39
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Actisense NGT-1
by gaffcat on 09-Jul 13:10
1 on 09-Jul 14:33
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
3.1.15169 fails to restore last state on startup
by JulianB on 07-Jul 12:34
2 on 07-Jul 14:33
by JulianB
Coastal Explorer fails on startup when PC is connected to the local network only
by KDELD on 29-Jun 13:57
2 on 06-Jul 13:43
No Lat/Long displayed in the new UI
by JimMottola on 29-Jun 19:00
4 on 04-Jul 15:47
by tpbrady
C-MAP improvement suggestions
by roycehall on 29-Jun 19:28
0 on 29-Jun 18:35
by roycehall
Next UI and tidal stations
by henning on 26-Jun 03:02
2 on 29-Jun 03:00
by henning
Last position and chart not saved
by jnorlin on 26-Jun 13:02
2 on 27-Jun 21:15
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Tranfering Routes to Garmin
by ppharman on 25-Jun 08:52
0 on 25-Jun 08:00
by ppharman
Coastal Explorer 3.1.15169 Released
by Rose Point Staff Member brad on 23-Jun 17:40
2 on 25-Jun 07:35
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Coastal Explorer Pre-Release Update
by Rose Point Staff Member brad on 26-May-2015
64 on 23-Jun 16:43
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Upper Right monitors
by jules on 23-Jun 16:50
1 on 23-Jun 16:08
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
New Rose Point Labs Feature: Going Full-Screen
by Rose Point Staff Member brad on 17-Jun 20:05
4 on 22-Jun 14:35
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
simple navigation tools
by mrdrew on 20-Jun 16:11
1 on 21-Jun 04:47
by CFreet
Rose Point BC charts License renewal.
by Michael Gibbons on 13-Jun-2015
3 on 17-Jun 18:53
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Connecting CE to a Raymarine Evolution EV-1, ACU-200 autopilot through an Actisense NGT-1-USB
by jnorlin on 19-Jun-2014
49 on 17-Jun 11:14
by jnorlin
Converting GPX route to nob
by SVNeko on 14-Jun-2015
1 on 14-Jun-2015
"boat" size using Win 8 on Dell tablet
by Carld1234 on 10-Jun-2015
1 on 11-Jun-2015
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Third installation, no BC charts
by CFreet on 08-Jun-2015
4 on 10-Jun-2015
by CFreet

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