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Coastal Explorer Update Preview
by Rose Point Staff Member brad on 29-Apr 16:26 PDT
30-Apr 13:36 PDT
by jnorlin
DSC/DSE Sentences
by ve7mdl on 27-Apr 13:31 PDT
27-Apr 14:22 PDT
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
suggestion: separate routes and tracks
by mrdrew on 22-Apr 07:09 PDT
26-Apr 00:12 PDT
by henning
Setting computer clock from GPS
by JohnOnWings on 19-Apr 17:12 PDT
21-Apr 18:07 PDT
Update nit...
by RBEmerson on 15-Apr 06:31 PDT
21-Apr 18:07 PDT
Log report nit...
by RBEmerson on 15-Apr 06:24 PDT
21-Apr 18:07 PDT
by RBEmerson
Is it the boat or is it I?
by krogenguy on 10-Apr 19:41 PDT
21-Apr 18:06 PDT
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Will I be able to run this program on an I-Pad ?
by wylie on 28-Feb 11:36 PST
15-Apr 14:36 PDT
What is CE synchronizing on startup?
by JohnOnWings on 24-Mar 18:36 PDT
14-Apr 06:03 PDT
Requesting ICW tools yet again
by RBEmerson on 28-Mar 08:22 PDT
06-Apr 18:39 PDT
Copy Rev. Number
by RBEmerson on 28-Mar 07:57 PDT
29-Mar 17:04 PDT
12 volt micro computers with charts on external (SDHC) drives
by waterman480 on 11-Sep-2015
27-Mar 18:13 PDT
Coastal Explorer 3.1.16061 "Preview" Update (Updated)
by Rose Point Staff Member brad on 26-Feb 12:24 PST
27-Mar 08:53 PDT
Trouble sending routes to Raymarine C80
by Joshpix on 19-Mar 18:01 PDT
26-Mar 00:08 PDT
by jnorlin
Jeppesen sold C-Map
by rcassano on 16-Mar 12:52 PDT
25-Mar 10:45 PDT
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Forum order
by Dreinken on 25-Mar 05:17 PDT
25-Mar 05:25 PDT
by Dreinken
compass says (no fix) rate of turn doest work correctly gps has no signal
by TOMSJO on 20-Mar 00:50 PDT
22-Mar 05:17 PDT
NMEA Senternce List
by ve7mdl on 08-Mar 21:51 PST
17-Mar 17:56 PDT
by Rose Point Staff Member steven
Toughbook Brightness
by jules on 17-Mar 11:55 PDT
17-Mar 12:05 PDT
by jules
Radar overlay and Target display in CE
by jnorlin on 06-Mar 08:38 PST
17-Mar 03:34 PDT
by henning
nv-Charts should have there own menu item in the chart selector.
by rcassano on 16-Mar 13:07 PDT
16-Mar 18:40 PDT
AIS Lost Data
by kweiss on 05-Mar 07:30 PST
13-Mar 11:38 PDT
by kweiss
Conditions tab/right click/NOAA weather/tide/current
by rwilkinson on 04-Mar 10:35 PST
06-Mar 09:12 PST
Plans for the next update?
by RBEmerson on 25-Feb 04:55 PST
02-Mar 05:08 PST
by tpbrady on 25-Feb 14:19 PST
01-Mar 08:52 PST
by Rose Point Staff Member CyB
Tidal predictions in Canada match Canada Ocean & Fisheries
by Oom Pa Pa on 26-Feb 21:29 PST
29-Feb 12:31 PST
by LarryH
Posting a position location on a chart
by Woodcraftron on 26-Feb 22:48 PST
29-Feb 12:03 PST
Hard Drive Size
by KaJen on 27-Feb 10:19 PST
29-Feb 09:50 PST
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Two issues in the new Beta release
by rcassano on 26-Feb 16:22 PST
29-Feb 09:10 PST
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Some charts refuse to update
by JohnOnWings on 15-Feb 20:22 PST
27-Feb 12:01 PST
Missing Erie Canal charts
by GerryT on 22-Feb 20:58 PST
25-Feb 22:06 PST
by GerryT
by Joshpix on 20-Feb 22:42 PST
24-Feb 10:27 PST
USCG Approves Electronic Charting
by waterman480 on 09-Feb 09:14 PST
22-Feb 13:37 PST
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Route transfer to Raymarine A-series MFD
by okbayou on 26-Oct-2015
20-Feb 15:32 PST
by ASD
ActiveCaptain and C-Map Integration
by lcrass on 17-Feb 10:28 PST
18-Feb 17:27 PST
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Performance with Windows 10
by ve7mdl on 14-Feb 21:41 PST
15-Feb 21:54 PST
by ve7mdl
Bad Elf & Coastal explorer
by Africangrace on 07-Feb 07:23 PST
15-Feb 12:09 PST
Linksys Camera
by mjranz on 13-Feb 17:48 PST
13-Feb 17:55 PST
by mjranz
What is a typical "Rate of Turn" number?
by rcassano on 11-Feb 13:07 PST
11-Feb 13:15 PST
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
by BUBBA on 06-Feb 10:17 PST
10-Feb 12:45 PST
Renewing Canadian Charts
by LarryH on 09-Feb 17:58 PST
10-Feb 09:45 PST
by LarryH
thank you
by BUBBA on 06-Feb 08:35 PST
09-Feb 18:01 PST
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
AIS control via CE?
by twistedtree on 06-Feb 09:49 PST
09-Feb 18:00 PST
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Feature request - cross track limit by segment , definable default icons and display of chart data quality
by waterman480 on 10-Jan 08:54 PST
09-Feb 08:49 PST
NMEA RSD and TTM sentences
by RBEmerson on 02-Sep-2008
08-Feb 21:49 PST
CE with touch screen
by jules on 04-Feb 09:19 PST
05-Feb 04:17 PST
by TheQue
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 runs on 12v
by ArmandSeguin on 31-Jan 22:29 PST
01-Feb 13:33 PST
Saildocs GRIB files and Sea Surface Temperature
by rcassano on 29-Jan 18:12 PST
29-Jan 18:20 PST
by rcassano
Remote MOB Button in Cockpit
by Surprise on 25-Jan 13:51 PST
29-Jan 15:23 PST
by Rose Point Staff Member steven
Dual (mirrored) Monitors supported?
by jfdlaw on 23-Jan 20:40 PST
26-Jan 18:20 PST
by tpbrady
Personal AIS beacon test problem
by RBEmerson on 26-Jan 12:06 PST
26-Jan 12:15 PST
by RBEmerson
How to make new route?
by Stabbert on 23-Jan 12:22 PST
24-Jan 11:25 PST
Can Coastal Explorer run on Windows 10 Phone?
by AHMAD KAY SOON POH on 19-Jan 20:22 PST
21-Jan 18:01 PST
by Rose Point Staff Member steven
Coastal Explorer 2011
by Nepidae on 06-Jan-2016
20-Jan 11:38 PST
by Nepidae
New User Interface....."LIST" of marks
by jules on 28-Dec-2015
16-Jan 18:42 PST
Where's all my Vector Charts!?
by brigantine on 05-Jan-2016
08-Jan 18:11 PST
Windows 10
by Nepidae on 06-Jan-2016
by jnorlin
Navtex improvement suggestions
by jnorlin on 22-May-2015
by jnorlin
Dusk and nighttime operating modes, navigation mark contrast
by mrdrew on 01-Jan-2016
by mrdrew
ETA not working
by Capt Ron on 30-Dec-2015
by Rose Point Staff Member brad

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