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Re-Displaying Hiden Tracks
by lcrass on 21-Jan 17:16 PST
21-Jan 17:25 PST
by lcrass
Tide forecasts by calendar
by jules on 20-Jan 13:59 PST
20-Jan 14:19 PST
by jules
Bottom Bar
by JimMottola on 17-Jan 18:27 PST
17-Jan 18:35 PST
by JimMottola
Two Monitors
by dsherburn on 09-Oct 08:39 PDT
17-Jan 11:45 PST
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 runs on 12v
by ArmandSeguin on 31-Jan-2016
16-Jan 12:04 PST
Inconsistency with source directory of chart portfolio
by dmclennan on 15-Jan 10:37 PST
15-Jan 10:45 PST
by dmclennan
Import / Export on Latest Version
by Tim_Martin on 29-Dec 05:56 PST
05-Jan 08:04 PST
Coastal Explorer Update 3.1.16343
by Rose Point Staff Member brad on 09-Dec 13:01 PST
04-Jan 19:51 PST
tide level charts read too low
by JohnOnWings on 04-Jan 14:37 PST
04-Jan 14:45 PST
by JohnOnWings
Controlling chart updates in new ui
by JohnOnWings on 04-Jan 11:18 PST
04-Jan 14:25 PST
no connection between CE and CE network account
by adewyer on 02-May-2013
04-Jan 12:37 PST
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Guidebook to using Logbook Functions
by eheffa on 10-Jul-2016
04-Jan 11:12 PST
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Night Colors in Browsers and Popup Boxes
by SVNeko on 04-Jan 03:47 PST
04-Jan 09:02 PST
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Digital Electronic Charts for Lake Ontario / Trent Severn Canal for Coastal Explorer?
by Patrick_Anderson on 28-Nov 16:43 PST
03-Jan 09:56 PST
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
2017 BC Currents
by GerryT on 24-Dec 21:49 PST
27-Dec 10:50 PST
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
How to turn off MOB after activation
by rcassano on 19-Dec 18:02 PST
21-Dec 09:41 PST
NEMO Manual
by tpbrady on 16-Dec 13:56 PST
20-Dec 15:28 PST
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Fuel State NMEA 2000 PGN's
by rcassano on 15-Dec 08:24 PST
20-Dec 15:27 PST
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Plot AIS Target CPA
by Equanimity on 08-Dec 04:22 PST
17-Dec 05:40 PST
Move CE configuration from one user to another in the same Win 10 computer
by jnorlin on 27-Nov 07:54 PST
28-Nov 22:21 PST
by jnorlin
How to move Guide Book display
by SauvyB on 25-Nov 12:44 PST
26-Nov 04:30 PST
by SauvyB
by tpbrady on 25-Feb-2016
20-Nov 17:18 PST
Asus T102 - comments?
by CascadeThumper on 20-Nov 08:07 PST
20-Nov 08:26 PST
CE shows huge deep figures
by jnorlin on 20-Sep-2016
11-Nov 09:34 PST
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
AIS Collision Warnings
by lcrass on 28-Oct 13:12 PDT
07-Nov 14:08 PST
by JulianB
Dumb Question - What is the "Next Interface"?
by Patrick_Anderson on 18-Oct 16:54 PDT
18-Oct 17:35 PDT
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
The CE instruments change value too fast
by jnorlin on 27-Sep-2016
18-Oct 09:16 PDT
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Re-Installing CE
by labatt on 17-Oct 11:26 PDT
18-Oct 09:12 PDT
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Daylight viewable PC/tablet/screen
by andrzej0nl1ne on 26-Sep-2016
18-Oct 05:42 PDT
A Minor Success Story
by Patrick_Anderson on 15-Oct 10:14 PDT
15-Oct 10:20 PDT
by Patrick_Anderson
Updating / Installing charts purchased from Chartworld
by TheQue on 13-Oct 12:24 PDT
14-Oct 11:38 PDT
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Coastal Explorer Preview Update 3.1.16273
by Rose Point Staff Member brad on 30-Sep 16:23 PDT
30-Sep 17:09 PDT
by brad
New User Interface v 3.1.16235
by waterman480 on 26-Sep-2016
30-Sep 16:17 PDT
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Is there a Default Filename and Directory for CE Navigation Object Files?
by Patrick_Anderson on 24-Sep-2016
30-Sep 16:13 PDT
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Discussion of CE on C-Brats, the C-Dory Forum
by Patrick_Anderson on 19-Sep-2016
International PRIMARĀ® charts for Coastal Explorer
by dmclennan on 24-Aug-2016
Keyboard shortcut request
by CapnRon on 25-Sep-2016
by LarryH
Toughbook Brightness
by jules on 17-Mar-2016
Hiding and un-hiding routes.
by LarryH on 18-Sep-2016
by LarryH
Attach a current station to multiple legs at once?
by JulianB on 20-Sep-2016
by JulianB
Inland rivers
by Carld1234 on 19-Sep-2016
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Find Best Departure Time not working?
by JulianB on 18-Sep-2016
by JulianB
Rose Point GPS Sensor
by ron on 18-Sep-2016
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
How to delete communication ports?
by CapnRon on 18-Sep-2016
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
will rose point coastal explorer 2009 still work on windows 10 today
by kittytoes on 19-Sep-2016
by kittytoes
SailTimer Wind Vane and Raymarine Tiller Pilot
by gwillecke on 16-Sep-2016
by gwillecke
Rose Point Support is Awesome!
by Patrick_Anderson on 09-Sep-2016
Question about CE and NOAA's crowd sourced bathymetry
by JohnH on 09-Sep-2016
by Rose Point Staff Member steven
Double current arrows
by rcassano on 31-Aug-2016
by bchbvr
in the furture
by BUBBA on 07-Sep-2016
New to CE and Head is Spinning
by Patrick_Anderson on 02-Sep-2016
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Pushing Routes & Waypoints to Garmin GPS
by jmish on 06-Sep-2016
by jmish
Voyage Plan Sub Folders
by ron on 02-Sep-2016
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
How to copy a track from one nob-file to another
by jnorlin on 04-Sep-2016
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Tide and current display in new UI
by JohnOnWings on 02-Sep-2016
by JohnOnWings
Total Fuel Used?
by rcassano on 31-Aug-2016
by rcassano
Feature request: Automated DSC calling using an AIS target
by PhysicsTeacher on 28-Aug-2016
by PhysicsTeacher
Windows 7 Error Message and Serial Ports
by tpbrady on 10-Sep-2010
by dpm416
Send to GPS waypoint/routing information from Coastal Explorer to the Furuno 1943C/NT chart plotter using Actisense NGW-1 ISO and NGW-1
by editwiz on 30-Jul-2016
Pressure Gradient Scale and other suggestions
by dmclennan on 24-Aug-2016

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