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Updating and purchasing C-Map charts
by jnorlin on 08-Nov 04:16
3 at 01:47 Today
by jnorlin
ETA/TTG Smoothing!!!
by Pyxis on 28-Oct 16:08
7 on 21-Nov 20:31
Happy Thanksgiving.
by steverow on 21-Nov 01:44
1 on 21-Nov 10:52
by Rose Point Staff Member steven
Create NEMA sentence TTM from AIS data?
by RBEmerson on 18-Oct 13:10
5 on 19-Nov 18:48
Iridium Go and GRIB Files
by tpbrady on 19-Nov 16:09
0 on 19-Nov 16:15
by tpbrady
Autopilot experiences?
by Cullins on 12-Oct-2011
15 on 19-Nov 15:58
TTG TTW DTG DTW acyronims
by JamesBFrantz on 17-Nov 11:45
0 on 17-Nov 11:55
by JamesBFrantz
Over scale Flag
by BUBBA on 01-Jul-2014
7 on 15-Nov 09:44
Wanted: Odometer!
by RBEmerson on 14-Nov 08:10
0 on 14-Nov 08:20
by RBEmerson
Track Display Request & Ongoing Request for Dis tance Traveled
by krogenguy on 08-Nov 18:40
2 on 10-Nov 17:00
Can Navionics Ohio River charts be displayed?
by rgano on 08-Nov 10:55
1 on 10-Nov 15:59
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Track Position Missing
by waterman480 on 09-Nov 06:55
1 on 10-Nov 14:22
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Associating tide stations
by RBEmerson on 07-Nov 07:05
1 on 07-Nov 16:54
Strange dimension units in AIS browser
by RBEmerson on 17-Oct 08:13
9 on 06-Nov 18:42
Tracking interval control
by RBEmerson on 03-Nov 19:11
2 on 05-Nov 18:52
'Find Best Departure Time' Calculations
by cpettigrew on 19-May-2014
9 on 26-Oct 06:47
NMEA 2000 Gateway problems
by george_robertson on 25-Oct 08:33
0 on 25-Oct 08:40
by george_robertson
Changing AIS target colors
by mahenry on 24-Oct 23:07
0 on 24-Oct 23:15
by mahenry
No chart updates?
by RBEmerson on 19-Sep 08:28
15 on 23-Oct 09:12
Last position and settings are not retrieved from where they are saved?
by TheQue on 23-Oct 05:12
0 on 23-Oct 05:20
by TheQue
Boat image is stuck in one place... does not update
by vpo3 on 06-Oct 18:50
2 on 22-Oct 18:27
by Rose Point Staff Member steven
Inland ENC do not work in CE - is this intended?
by JulianB on 20-Oct 23:26
4 on 22-Oct 00:50
by JulianB
Transferring Charts from "Home" PC to "Boat" PC
by cvj on 18-Oct 09:00
3 on 20-Oct 17:08
Repeated unecessary ENC loads
by RBEmerson on 18-Oct 12:51
2 on 20-Oct 17:06
NAIS Testing - USCG notice
by RBEmerson on 16-Oct 09:02
2 on 17-Oct 06:55
Data Server Default Port TCP 23 is not secure.
by cvj on 08-Oct 11:17
1 on 08-Oct 12:01
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
GRIB view
by Sverre Magnus Berg on 07-Oct 13:09
4 on 08-Oct 01:18
Display navigation instruments
by Cruiser on 06-Oct 14:18
3 on 06-Oct 17:26
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Vertical Browser view of Route Details
by Cullins on 03-Oct 16:02
5 on 06-Oct 03:21
by TheQue
Minimum Hardware for CE 2011: Is an ASUS T100 good enough?
by bradstowers on 30-Sep 19:45
5 on 05-Oct 21:03
Feature Request - Text select and copy
by JohnOnWings on 05-Oct 13:39
0 on 05-Oct 13:45
by JohnOnWings
Coastal Explorer Pre-Release Update (BETA)
by Rose Point Staff Member brad on 22-Aug 14:22
8 on 28-Sep 23:08
by JulianB
Route Details no longer "dynamic" with active route
by NickWigen on 11-Sep 01:04
8 on 25-Sep 10:05
Feature Requests - Georeferencing and Google Earth Overlays
by Max on 22-Sep 14:13
2 on 23-Sep 12:33
by Max
Display behavior after update: constant flashing
by TikiCat on 28-Apr-2014
6 on 23-Sep 11:03
by ptlones
Connecting CE to a Raymarine Evolution EV-1, ACU-200 autopilot through an Actisense NGT-1-USB
by jnorlin on 19-Jun-2014
36 on 20-Sep 11:59
by jnorlin
Distance Traveled Request
by krogenguy on 05-Sep 07:36
6 on 16-Sep 15:14
by kweiss
Repeated unecessary ENC loads
by RBEmerson on 07-Sep 10:56
4 on 15-Sep 19:33
Where does the Blog go?
by HughM on 18-Jul-2011
8 on 15-Sep 12:05
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Chart install on Win8.1 Tablet not possible
by frank1968hb on 05-Sep 04:40
11 on 13-Sep 09:14
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Using USB Bluetooth dongles
by RBEmerson on 13-Sep 07:53
0 on 13-Sep 08:00
by RBEmerson
Download failures return
by RBEmerson on 12-Sep 09:14
2 on 12-Sep 20:02
Does CE use .vc files?
by RBEmerson on 07-Sep 20:13
2 on 11-Sep 20:28
Error downloading BC chart updates
by JohnOnWings on 09-Sep 20:56
0 on 09-Sep 21:05
by JohnOnWings
UTC vs Local Time
by tcowling on 30-May-2010
5 on 09-Sep 13:20
ETA and TTG meaningless
by Michael Gibbons on 26-Jan-2009
9 on 09-Sep 09:55
Radar problem
by KaptenMorgan on 31-Aug 12:47
3 on 07-Sep 12:02
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Depth Reading Variation
by kweiss on 06-Sep 11:07
0 on 06-Sep 11:15
by kweiss
Depth Panel Display
by kweiss on 06-Sep 10:54
0 on 06-Sep 11:00
by kweiss
European (northsea, UK, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany) tide-data or tide-stations missing
by frank1968hb on 05-Sep 04:49
1 on 05-Sep 07:45
by henning
Coastal Explorer Update
by Rose Point Staff Member brad on 30-Aug 10:31
12 on 05-Sep 03:28
by jnorlin
Barometric Pressure in Instrument Panel
by rcassano on 25-Aug 07:02
2 on 04-Sep 14:16
Life with Route Segment Sharing
by RBEmerson on 01-Sep 01:02
4 on 01-Sep 23:05
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Unnamed waypoints
by RBEmerson on 30-Aug 09:18
3 on 30-Aug 18:01
Update comments
by RBEmerson on 23-Aug 21:09
11 on 30-Aug 07:48
Turn point vs. way point
by RBEmerson on 28-Aug 13:49
2 on 30-Aug 07:36
Update status?
by RBEmerson on 14-Aug 14:00
6 on 29-Aug 16:33
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Adding waypoint to existing route
by FANTASIA on 27-Aug 12:46
2 on 28-Aug 20:41
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Raymarine E7 canĀ“t receive gpx files created by CE
by jnorlin on 26-May-2014
9 on 26-Aug 17:28
Dell Windows Tablet
by Carld1234 on 09-Jul-2014
5 on 19-Aug 21:56

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