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Updating Active Captain
by Wagnercaesar at 11:41 PDT Today
11:50 PDT Today
by Wagnercaesar
Charts continuously update even when they are successful
by tombro on 18-Jul 20:33 PDT
18-Jul 20:40 PDT
by tombro
Charts disappearing
by pilotbk on 08-Jun 16:19 PDT
08-Jul 19:04 PDT
When will the C-Map charts become updated?
by jnorlin on 04-Jun 00:49 PDT
03-Jul 06:33 PDT
by jnorlin
Supported Video Sources?
by davidb on 06-Jun-2018
02-Jul 09:45 PDT
Loose GPS and Tracking
by neryedwards on 30-Jun 07:01 PDT
30-Jun 09:11 PDT
Puget Sound Current errors?
by chrisc on 30-May-2018
26-Jun 14:02 PDT
Voyage Plan: 30min to travel 500ft ?
by alexu on 13-Jun 22:49 PDT
22-Jun 21:55 PDT
by alexu
Albemarle Sound Weather
by pilotbk on 17-Jun 18:32 PDT
18-Jun 14:15 PDT
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Cruising San Juan Islands - do I need C-MAP charts or NOAA vector is enough?
by alexu on 05-Jun 22:18 PDT
12-Jun 14:01 PDT
AIS Receiver
by JadePanama on 04-Oct-2018
12-Jun 14:01 PDT
Garmin Radar Supported?
by codingparadox on 25-May 19:07 PDT
06-Jun 10:21 PDT
Tracking defaults
by Gmertl on 18-May 14:51 PDT
04-Jun 13:27 PDT
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Transferring routes and trails
by Aktroller on 02-Jun 16:54 PDT
04-Jun 10:09 PDT
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Is CE compatible with my Koden cvs-118 or my si-tex Explorer Plus?
by Maritimer on 21-May 17:58 PDT
21-May 18:05 PDT
by Maritimer
Difference between Voyage Plan documents and Route documents?
by TwoHooter on 04-Jul-2018
21-May 14:41 PDT
by nordic
Is there a user group? Seattle?
by SeattleJew on 19-May 10:32 PDT
19-May 10:40 PDT
by SeattleJew
Questions for coastal explorer
by lab021 on 01-Jan-2019
19-May 10:34 PDT
Aerial Photos Display
by streckerd on 10-May 09:56 PDT
10-May 12:55 PDT
C-map display became very slow
by fritzfranz on 03-May 09:09 PDT
10-May 01:23 PDT
Geo Positions from Message 1 and 18 are different
by Pizza on 06-May 01:49 PDT
06-May 01:55 PDT
by Pizza
Sending routes to Furuno NavNet VX2
by rgano on 05-May 15:05 PDT
05-May 15:15 PDT
by rgano
iPhone app - use your iPhone GPS with C.E. - GPS2IP
by clr1 on 20-Jun-2012
22-Apr 01:37 PDT
Recommendations for USB GPS
by GerryT on 28-Apr-2018
09-Apr 13:56 PDT
by tlavino
Accuracy of CE-displayed time from GPS
by tlavino on 09-Apr 13:39 PDT
09-Apr 13:45 PDT
by tlavino
You can export/import Navionics auto-route to CE!
by labpartners on 21-Oct-2017
04-Apr 07:03 PDT
Navtex Pro not receiving messages
by rth219 on 01-Apr 14:49 PDT
01-Apr 14:55 PDT
by rth219
Add Active Captain New Hazard Anchorage or Marina within Coastal Explorer
by editwiz on 21-Mar-2019
29-Mar 07:54 PDT
by editwiz
View help / reference manual without CE running?
by sv_blackbird on 04-Mar-2019
AIS Plotter Instrument Orientation
by Scotty on 23-Mar-2019
by TheQue
ship log function
by lab021 on 05-Mar-2019
by Rose Point Staff Member stevenh
C-Map / Explorer / Wavey Line Bahamas / Caribbean Chart Set Questions
by breezin on 09-Mar-2019
by Rose Point Staff Member stevenh
Update Chart Folders
by edave63 on 11-Mar-2019
by Rose Point Staff Member stevenh
C-MAP fonts difficult to read
by svtigerbeetle on 27-Feb-2019
by Rose Point Staff Member stevenh
C-MAP charts seems without obstacle checking / alert, negligible presentation control
by daysailor on 16-Jul-2015
by breezin
ship log function
by lab021 on 05-Mar-2019
by lab021
Can I use NV charts with Coastal Explorer?
by sv_blackbird on 03-Mar-2019
Problem saving sensor settings
by Pyxis on 09-Sep-2018
by Pyxis
Coastal Explorer Instrument Panels Beta-Test
by Rose Point Staff Member brad on 25-Jan-2019
by editwiz
Analogue Clock with digital hour??
by peter_ulph on 19-Feb-2019
CE Windows 10 Serial Port issues
by GerryZimmerman on 11-Feb-2019
How to View ActiveCaptain chart data
by manually_merged_Kallista on 13-Feb-2019
Boat position randomly jumps
by CaptJayFL on 01-Dec-2018
by CapnRon
Satellite (aerial) photo alternatives?
by twistedtree on 08-Mar-2017
by Rose Point Staff Member brad
Atlantic Cruising Guide and Gazetteer for Bermuda
by rcassano on 22-Jan-2019
Mutliple blank sections
by Shadley on 22-Jan-2019
by Shadley
No tide or current data after Dec 31, 2019
by CFreet on 17-Dec-2018
current version of CE
by k2f on 19-Jan-2019
The Great Loop
by Pescawa1939 on 10-Jan-2019
NV Chart installation FAQ?
by sv_blackbird on 14-Jan-2019
by sv_blackbird
All voyages missing
by Shadley on 05-Jan-2019
Como instalar costael explorer en una mac
by aldykir on 24-Nov-2018
AIS suggestions
by Dreinken on 19-Dec-2018
Nemo Gateway not working in Parallels on a MAC
by Alyeska on 15-Dec-2018
by Alyeska
venice lagoon electrinic chart for laptop android
by elel on 15-Dec-2018
by elel
No AIS Targets from Vesper XB8000
by Carver445 on 26-Nov-2018
CE laptop to Simrad AP 25
by OBX on 19-Nov-2018
by OBX
by OBX on 19-Nov-2018
by OBX
Tides and flows
by manually_merged_pilotbk on 19-Sep-2018
Moved drive now CE icon gone & can't start program
by Nepidae on 28-Oct-2018
by Nepidae