Blue screen
by Dawkahab on 06-Sep-2010

When attempting to manually open ports for GPS, using Furuno GPS, single channel receive AIS, Dell lap top, XP Pro and serial to USB adapter; upon setting NEMA interface, listen and 38,400 rate, upon closing,blue screen Windows shut down occurs. This is a new occurrence as previously it ran fine with the same set up.This does not happen with a shuttle case computer also on board which also runs XP pro but connects with a serial cable instead of the USB adapter.. Any suggestions?

07-Sep-2010 Rose Point Staff Member brad

It is impossible for an application such as Coastal Explorer to cause a Blue Screen; only the operating system or a device driver can do that. Let me guess: you have a USB Serial adapter that has a Prolific controller chip. (You can usually tell by the name that appears in the various lists of ports in Coastal Explorer.) The drivers for these are notoriously buggy and each version has different problems at different times under different versions of Windows.

Try getting a USB Serial adapter that does not use the Prolific controller, such as the Keyspan USA-19HS or any of the many devices based on FTDI chips.

Blue screen
07-Sep-2010 Dawkahab

I think you are right I remember that now from an earlier post, will check out and let you know Thanks, Larry

lots of blue screens
09-Sep-2010 peter_ulph

agreed, I moved away from 'prolific' devices for precisely that reason. Touchwood, been stable ever since.

Blue screen
19-Sep-2010 Dawkahab

You are right, no more prolific

12-Oct-2010 d_meister

Just thought I'd let you know that my GPS with the integral Prolific chip works reliably for days on end when I use The Cap'n v8.3. If I use it with CE (on the same computer), it crashes and burns within an hour. Why is that?

13-Oct-2010 Rose Point Staff Member brad

We have no idea why that is. What we do know is that the some Prolific drivers work on some computers with some programs, but not others. We know that Coastal Explorer is not the only program that doesn't work well with the Prolific drivers. We know that we have spent days trying to figure out what we might be able to do differently so that the Prolific drivers will work better with Coastal Explorer. We know that we can get it to work reliably sometimes, for a while, then it stops. We know that our COM port code is very robust and does things "the right way" according to how Windows programs are supposed to work. We know that a Blue Screen error can only be caused by a driver bug. We also know that we do not have any similar problems working with any other USB serial adapters.

13-Oct-2010 d_meister

Bummer, Brad. Well, I guess we make the best use of the tools we have to work with. I use The Capn 8.3 on my laptop because I can easily measure multiple legs points. On the yacht, we use the Nobeltec 10.7 because it has an easily accessible odometer/trip-meter, and it just doesn't crash on the ship's computer, not to mention that it's a familiar and very easily customized interface. We use CE to update all of the raster charting, but it just shuts itself off on the ship's computer if we run it and scroll around on the chart and/or zoom, a lot. No Prolific anything on that computer. The yacht owner and I each bought separate versions of CE. We know that CE is unreliable, and we use it the "right way". Using The Cap'n and Nobeltec the "right way", we have ZERO problems. Prolific only generates BSOD's on my Toshiba Qosmio i5 when CE is running, but not The Cap'n or Street Atlas 2009, nor the GPS monitoring application that came with. Obviously, I can get another GPS, but I can't think of a reason to do it. Brad, I don't get any pleasure from busting your a, but you'll be pushing this rock up the hill for a really long time with future customers. In fact, I'm sure you won't be too pleased to see my name again, but, c'est la vie!

13-Oct-2010 steverow

I ran a proilific four porter for many months on CE whilst testing the Navtex implementation, and while I agree they are unstable, lots of "port hiberbation" and unwanted port swapping, never once did I have a BSOD on CE. OK there are still issues to be sorted with the Navtex port opening routine, but it was never irretrieveable in the way you suggest.


Why so Many plotters:
14-Oct-2010 steverow

I use CE all the time, have done since 2005 (CNP) and have Maxsea on board as well just to take advantage of the C-map charts,(from a time when Maxsea was "Maxsea") but I hardly use it. I cant see why one would want so many plotters on board, and FWIW I think your entry is uncalled for.


Blue Scre
15-Oct-2010 Dawkahab
No more blue screen
15-Oct-2010 Dawkahab

No more Prolific, No more Blue Screen, Long rants are not helpful