Radar Overlay is not supported in the Coastal Explorer?
by Alexey on 29-Aug-2012

Brad, from your site removed all information about radar overlay and other planned features. Why? You do not comment on this issue, and further plans to support other radars. Why buy a second radar Koden RadarPC when the ship is already installed Furuno radar and can be connected via the radar processor to the computer through the same XIR3000. Navico radar connected to a PC via OpenSource application. Garmin radar connected to OpenCPN! What awaits CoastalExplorer in the future?

CE needs to work on Radar interface
30-Aug-2012 critchie

I am having a similar problem. I don't know if the radar I want to buy will work now or ever with CE. A SiTex MDs-8 radar which costs $1,200 could connect to a $600 chart plotter and I could purchase charts all for a $1,000 to $1,500 less than a Koden radar and CE interface box. Broadband radar is also less expensive and easier to install, but I have no idea what will work with CE. I am afraid that CE, by not supporting other radar than the $3,000 to $4,000 versions is driving me toward the radar/chart Plotter solution. I love CE, but a radar overlay is very, very important to me because I need to cross the Straits of Juan de Fuca and the Straits of Georgia and there is often lots of fog - this being called the month of Fogust, up here. I can't wait for CE much longer.

Any updates?
19-Dec-2012 HenryD


I too am looking to know what radar options are available?

26-Dec-2012 Rose Point Staff Member brad

The Coastal Explorer Radar Add-On is currently compatible with the Si-Tex Koden Radars on this page:

We would still like to support other radar systems, but none are available to us. The "unlock codes" necessary to use the Navico broadband radar on a PC are still about the same price as the radar itself, so that isn't really a cheaper option. (Yes, some people have "cracked" the current Navico and Garmin radar networking protocols, but not completely and not in a way that we could support.)

02-Jan-2013 HenryD

Brad - thank you for responding. My Raymarine radar no longer works and I am hoping to replace it at the Miami boat show.

04-Jan-2013 Alexey

Brad, thank you for responding

Radar interface will add to Costal Explorer, Rosepoint ECS? Many already utsnovleny radars on ships. This path of development are many manufacturers ECDIS ECS software.

04-Jan-2013 andrzej0nl1ne


If I bought a 4g broadband radar as well as a MFD capable of viewing it, would that satisfy the financial aspects of the "unlock codes" so that I would also be able to view the radar content on CE. Assuming that I also have the original radar add on for the radarpc?

I'm obviously looking at a-work-around so I'm curious to see if it is technically doable. Thanks

08-Jan-2013 Rose Point Staff Member brad

Coastal Explorer's radar add-on does not include support for the broadband radar. There is a lot more to this than just Navico wanting their license fee.

No standards exist for sending radar information over a network and each manufacturer comes up with their own proprietary method. Each of these methods requires development work on our part in order to add support. That work depends on documentation about the protocol from the manufacturer as well as various legal and business agreements between Rose Point and the radar manufacturer.

We did investigate supporting the Navico broadband radar a couple of years ago (the first generation of radar). At that time we had preliminary agreements in place and had access to a software development kit that would provide us indirect access to the radar over the network. We got everything to work and then the deal basically fell apart.

Several factors lead to this, including our feeling that the overall cost to the customer (the radar + the licensing fee + the radar add-on) was not justified by the quality of the product. It did produce a great looking picture at close ranges (< 1nm), but sometimes that picture was incomplete (like boats were missing). Everyone seemed excited by this low-cost radar, but the reality was that it cost about the same as one of the Koden solutions and the Koden performed MUCH better beyond that 1nm range.

At the time Navico indicated that they might be willing to waive the licensing fee when a Navico chartplotter was found on the network, but that requires development work that they still have not done.

Things may change, but for now there is simply no way to use a Navico radar with Coastal Explorer.

Sitex MDS-8 Radar EC11 Plotter
08-Jan-2013 critchie

Is there a way to interface the SITEX MDS-8 radar? I also have the Sitex EC11 chart plotter. Can I connect either one to interface with CE?

Thank you for the update
13-Jan-2013 HenryD

Brad - thank you. I attended the Miami boat show last year and attended the Rosepoint training class. I learned alot about the Rosepoint chartplotter and have used it as my primary chartplotter for the past year. My AIS works well with Coastal Explorer. My NMEA2000 instruments interface well but they also will talk with other systems. With the explaination provided above, it sounds like my best option is to delay purchasing C-Maps and instead re-evaluate a PC based system and consider the Furuno and Garmin solutions. Radar overlay is a feature that I want on my helm.

13-Jan-2013 Alexey

Need a radar processor for CE as a universal solution for the already installed radar. I see no reason in the second radar for CE when one is worth it!

The vessel radar should be familiar with the performance of their display. Radar PC is not reliable. In an emergency, Windows will freeze and you'll be without a radar!

19-Jan-2013 Alexey

Radar Plugin for OpenCPN

26-Jan-2013 JulianB

I just read that Furono has a PC solution bundled with MaxSea in store, at least in Europe.