by garth on 24-Jan-2008

This is the beginnings of the CE 2.0 beta area. Right now, there's not a lot of content, but as the beta progresses we will be posting notes, information, and downloads to this space.

Thank you for registering for the beta, and check back soon.

by garth on 24-Jan-2008

We are demonstrating Coastal Explorer 2.0 beta at the Seattle Boat Show!

If you're in the area, come by and check out our booth.

by brad on 08-Feb-2008

We are ready to start the Coastal Explorer 2.0 Beta Test. Not all of the features are enabled yet, but you will be able to start using the new Cruise Mode User Interface, see if your video camera is compatible, try the new Chart Downloader, and use some of the other great new features.

The features that are ready for testing are described on the documentation page. We will update the documentation as things change and new features are added to the beta test.

We realize that many people are very excited about some of the features that we’ve announced and we’re sorry if your favorite new feature is not ready yet. Please don’t ask us when something will be ready though! Our standard answer will be “we don’t know” up until the time that we make something available.

However, we are very interested in hearing what you think about the stuff that is ready! Please feel free to add comments to the documentation, use the forum, or send email to to contact us directly.

This initial beta release is a test of many things besides the new Coastal Explorer; we are using parts of our new web server and email system that have never been used on a large scale, a new web setup program, changes to the update process, and many other things that are normally hidden “behind the scenes.” We hope everything just works, but please bear with us if something goes wrong. That is why we have beta tests, after all!

Please visit to download the Coastal Explorer 2.0 Beta Release. On behalf of everyone here at Rose Point, thank you for participating in the Coastal Explorer 2.0 Beta Test and we hope you enjoy our new software.

by brad on 15-Feb-2008

A new beta testing release is now available. Hopefully anyone using Windows 2000 or Windows XP will just get it via the normal update mechanism, but I have a feeling it isn't going to work on Windows Vista. If you run into any problems (any any operating system) please just use the WebSetup again and it will install the newest version (1.1.8045).

Release Notes

Here's list of the changes made since the last release. The documentation will be updated soon to describe the Screen Configuration feature in more detail.

Several of you have found various features that interface with the Coastal Explorer Network such as the Ship's Log and Insert Guide Book Place commands. Then you found that they caused Coastal Explorer to crash! Well, the crash has been replaced with an error message, and the cause of the crash should actually be fixed! These features are still not finished, but they should not cause you any major problems if you want to try them out now.

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by brad on 22-Feb-2008

Well, it’s Friday again and time for another beta update! Coastal Explorer 2.0 Beta Release (1.1.8052) is now available.

As many of you have found, the old Update mechanism is not working right now. To install the latest beta release, please use WebSetup, even if you've installed the previous beta release.

There have been a lot of changes this time and hopefully some of the features that should have worked last time will actually work now. Some big problems with the features that integrate with the Coastal Explorer Network, such as Insert Guide Book Place and the Ship’s Log, have been fixed. The problems some of you had with the ability save a custom screen configuration have also been fixed (though the menu will still appear in the screen-shots sometimes).

Release Notes

Here’s a detailed list of what’s changed:

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by brad on 08-Mar-2008

Beta Update 1.1.8067 is now available.

To install the latest beta release, please use WebSetup. All of the setup problems with previous releases that we know about have been fixed, so if you have any trouble please let us know by sending an email to

The focus of this update has been on making the Browser more useable and predictable. In addition, several bugs have been fixed and a few performance issues were improved.

Here's a more complete list of changes:

Feature Changes

Clicking on a Navigation Object or AIS Target no longer changes the Browser to the Navigation Object Browser.

The Weather Forecast Browser locks open now (so clicking on a Guide Book Place, Tide Diamond, or Current Arrow does not switch the Browser away from the weather forecast).

Force the display of tide and current prediction stations when the Tide or Current Prediction Browser is open.

Force the display of guide book place symbols when the Guide Book Browser is open.

Made Guide Book Places hidden by default.

Show Text Weather Forecast regions when the Weather Forecast Browser is open. Also highlight the currently selected region.

Display OVERSCALE indicator in Cruise Mode as appropriate.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where clicking in a cluster of AIS targets would flash tips for each target.

Fixed some issues with the Vessel Registry - feed entries are attached to vessels after a sync; double-clicking on a vessel will open the browser on that vessel; clicking on a vessel while the browser is open displays information about that vessel.

Fixed a problem where right-clicking on a hidden but selected object would de-select the object rather than show its context menu.

Fixed a problem where waypoints were sometimes left out of Route Details printouts at page boundaries.

Fixed some problems where newly created RBL's would jump to a new location.

Fixed performance problems when Chart Outlines were enabled.

Fixed a potential crashing problem when bad AIS Binary Messages were received.

by brad on 17-Mar-2008

Beta Update 1.1.8076 is now available.

To install the latest beta release, please use WebSetup.


Added Auto-hide Toolbar Option and Toolbar Expando Buttons to show the toolbars again. (Right-click on a new Cruise Mode view toolbar to access the auto-hide option. This will become more discoverable in a future release.)

New Info Menu for Cruise Mode Chart Views.

Changed the default AIS vessel color again (the IHO changed their recommendations and I hadn't noticed before the last change).

Increased timeout for GSA sentence to 15 seconds to prevent flashing signal strength indicators on some Raymarine GPS receivers.

Changed the Cruise Mode toolbar clock format a bit.

Swapped locations for the Cruise Mode toolbar battery indicator and the GPS Signal indicator.

Shrunk the Cruise Mode toolbar battery indicator a bit.

Hide the Cruise Mode toolbar battery indicator unless it's low.

Removed the Radar buttons from the Cruise Mode toolbar when the radar features have not been activated.

Made Instruments a Task Pane page rather than sharing space with the Task Pane.

Send local time with Blog Book, Guide Book, and Vessel Registry posts.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed a problem where TWA and AWA in the Data Console would always show STBD for some setups.

Fixed the flashing warning on the clock when Virtual Time is active.

Fixed a performance problem drawing tracks.

by brad on 21-Mar-2008

Coastal Explorer 2.0 Beta Update 1.1.8080 is now available.

To install the latest beta release, please use WebSetup.


Added a Show Seconds option to the Cruise Mode clock.

Moved the Obstacles Task Pane to the Voyage Plan Browser.

Replace text file references from TXTDSC attributes in Obstacles Browser with the contents of the text files.

Instrument Panels can now be dragged up and down by clicking anywhere within them while the Alt key is held down.

Show Chart Tips for most vector chart features when clicked upon. (We'll be adding some more details to these later as well as a button to show all of the properties.)

Updated the copyright year in the About Box.

Bug Fixes

Disabled the Del key in Messages Browser Panel since deleting messages is not really implemented yet and the Del key could cause a crash!

Fixed a crashing bug when trying to Print or Print Preview with the Voyage Browser open, but no route selected.

Fixed new problem preventing the radar controls from being shown on the top Cruise Mode toolbar even when radar functionality was enabled.

Fixed new problem that sometimes caused the date to run off the edge of the screen on the Cruise Mode clock.

by brad on 02-Apr-2008

Coastal Explorer 2.0 Beta Update 1.1.8092 is now available.

To install the latest beta release, please use WebSetup.

Release Notes

The biggest change with this release is the addition of "tabs" along the right side of the Task Pane. These tabs can be used for selecting which Task Pane you want to use. We think they will be easier to discover and to use than the old popup menu, but they do take up a bit more space on the screen. We are planning on removing the popup menu and the Task Pane titles once we are convinced the tabs are better. Please let us know what you think about them!

This release also fixes a lot of (but not all) problems with things being too bright in dusk and night modes as well as a few other bugs.

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by brad on 21-Apr-2008

Coastal Explorer 2.0 Beta Update 1.1.8111 is now available.

To install the latest beta release, please use WebSetup.

Release Notes

Most of the changes in this release are "behind the scenes" and may result in slight performance improvements. Read on for a list of specific changes that you might notice...

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