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I began boating for about sixty years back in Boston. The year before I became a bas mitzvah bucher, I had a near fatal bleed and my Dad rpomised me a boat if I lived. That was the Steph I .. an outboard with small cabin. Soone we moved up to a real boat .. Steph II a Cruisalong with an inboard. Later there was a s8' Richardons called Steph II and finally the Black Eagle .. a 46 ft Richardson and another boat. I do not remember who built that boat , but it was something grand with aphomeande deck. My wife and I honey mooned on the "Black Eagle." All this was back in 1967.

On the Stephs and the Eafle, I cruised from Miane to Manhattan. I even serves ad Flotilla Training officer when I was 16, not quite old enough by the riueld of the USGA auxiliary but I figured that navigation was just applied trig. I leaned dead reckoning and evwen used an early war surpuss Loran .. I remebre using divider on an oscilliscioe to measure TD (time delays).

About twenty year later in Seattle we wnt ofr a walk . and ecide we could afford a old mness made by Bayliner. She came to be the Yovel (Anniversary) in hebrew. That biat was mess, a real Bayliner in the worst sense but we did get as far North as Princess Louisa.

I was sad that we could nto afford a grander boat like my family ahd owned. One day I was rowinf our dink off of the Yovel and saw a drea ,, a 34ft Tolly! We found one in Lake POwell. Goir the Aquila here and spens the years from 1981 to 2015 rebuilding her. Mr. Tolly helped. Then we ran into the Malka-ze. She is a 43 ft Tolly! Twin John Dears.