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by lcrass on 12-Mar 19:38 ( 34.8712, -120.42915 )
Trip map

We plan to depart from Anacortes Washington in the first week in May. Above is a map of our planned cruising route that will take us into South East Alaska. We hope to visit several active glaciers, see tons of bears, catch lots of salmon, and hope to catch some big halibut. We have lots of work to do to get the boat ready but we will remain focused till we shove off! Sorry, but there will be no pastry pictures this year. This year, we are both lean mean fishing machines! (except for Sandy of course!)

by lcrass on 01-Oct-2014
Img 20140929 130513221 hdr

Well, the boating season is over. The weather is turning to fall here (which is like winter in California!). We had the boat pulled out of the water in preps for storing it on blocks for the winter again. We have a bit of work to do getting it ready for winter. But we plan to head back home on Saturday 10/4.... With tons of frozen Salmon of course!

by lcrass on 25-Sep-2014 ( 48.496117, -122.604167 )
Img 20140925 160907950 hdr

While hanging out at Anacortes in the Cap Sante marina, a cute water doggie decided to move into the slip next to us. Sure hope he doesnt get sun burned!

by lcrass on 21-Sep-2014 ( 48.496117, -122.604167 )
Img 20140924 073521 499

Well, the cruising season is almost over. After leaving the hot metropolis of Vancouver, we couldn't resist making a quick stop at Chemainus where Marcia's favorite pastry shop is (Utopia Bakery). Ok I admit... it's mine too! After piggin out on awsome pastries, we crossed the border back into the States and stopped at Roche Harbor. Then back to the boat's home in Anacortes. Once we were docked, we noted a huge green boat named Atlas! Just like the rockets we used to launch! I think this boat is a little bigger than the rocket though!

by lcrass on 18-Sep-2014

We got our TV system fixed last night and decided to take a nice stroll around the bay where our boat is moored. Sandy had a nice time reading (sniffing) her daily "pee-mail"!

by lcrass on 17-Sep-2014 ( 49.29175, -123.125717 )

We needed to make a little stop at the huge metropolis of Vancouver to get a repair done on our TV system. We were quite amazed at the view of the city skyline as we approached. Talk about tons of sky-scrapers!

by lcrass on 14-Sep-2014 ( 49.29175, -123.125717 )
Img 20140914 164443 957

Awwww... Isn't he cute? Here's the watch dog Barkley on our good friends Cal and Nancy's boat.

by lcrass on 14-Sep-2014
Toba inlet

We met up with our good friends Cal and Nancy on "The Other Hale Kai" in Toba Inlet at the Toba Wildernest Resort. We had a great time partying and watching Cal fly fish for Salmon right from the dock. Yes, he caught a nice one.

by lcrass on 12-Sep-2014
Img 20140911 114510 219

Cruising south down Johnstone Strait, we passed a tug pulling 2 floating fishing lodges. This is pretty common up here for fishing lodges to be placed on floats so they can move to where the salmon are and to allow storage for the winter. Customers just need to charter float planes to bring them to the lodge.

by lcrass on 10-Sep-2014
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