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by lcrass on 25-May 21:13
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Today we left Crab Cove (Exchange Cove) and arrived at the cool town of Wrangle Alaska. The weather has been really good so far and we hear the fishing in Wrangle is really good...we'll see!

by lcrass on 24-May 21:06 ( 56.202183, -133.07265 )

After catching our first batch of crab, I of course put the crab trap out again. We left it out overnight this time. After pulling it up today, it had another 7 crab with 5 of them being keepers. Holy moly. That's about 5 crab dinners now!

by lcrass on 24-May 21:05 ( 56.202183, -133.072633 )

And here's Sandy staring at us while we chowed down on the crab. I think she was a bit jealous!

by lcrass on 24-May 21:04 ( 56.202183, -133.072633 )

Today we cooked up the 7 crab we caught and were stuffed by the time we finished 3 of them!

by lcrass on 23-May 20:55 ( 56.202183, -133.072633 )

So after we arrived at Exchange Cove, I immdiately put out our crab trap. A commercial fisherman in Ketchikan was cleaning some fish from his boat next to ours and was nice enough to give us some fish parts to use as crab bait. I let the crab trap sit about 2 hours then went to check it... The trap had 14 freakin crab in it with 7 keepers. Nice job Larry! These crab were very nice sized.

by lcrass on 23-May 20:50 ( 56.202183, -133.072617 )

We departed Ketchikan Saturday morning and headed out to a cove where we heard rumors there was good crabbing. Along the way, we saw a ton of whales. Many were raising their tails and splashing the water. Quite an amazing sight.

by lcrass on 22-May 21:04 ( 55.3516, -131.686617 )

Float planes are very popular here in Ketchikan. They practically have their own floating airport in town!

by lcrass on 22-May 21:03 ( 55.3516, -131.686617 )

Cute Sign!

by lcrass on 22-May 21:01 ( 55.3516, -131.686617 )

Couldn't resist visiting the famous Dolly's Brothel along Creek Street. I wanted to stay there all day, but "The Admiral" made me leave!

by lcrass on 22-May 21:00 ( 55.3516, -131.686617 )

Marcia and Larry enjoying Creek Street!

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