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by lcrass on 30-Jun 19:27 PDT

Due to some bad weather, we stayed at Petersburg for several days. Weather is supposed to get better soon. Time to fish!!!

by lcrass on 30-Jun 19:23 PDT

Nice eh???

by lcrass on 19-Jun-2018 ( 56.810017, -132.965917 )

As we cruised into Alvin Bay, we saw bears on the beach!

by lcrass on 19-Jun-2018 ( 56.323267, -133.613167 )

Marcia caught a 18 pound halibut and I caught a 28 pound halibut. Nice!!!!!

by lcrass on 16-Jun-2018 ( 56.457767, -132.384167 )
by lcrass on 16-Jun-2018 ( 56.457767, -132.384167 )

Here's a funny picture of a log with lots of sea gulls on it near Wrangell Alaska

by lcrass on 07-Jun-2018

Unfortunately the weather hasn't been very good to go fishing. Hopefully it will get better soon!

by lcrass on 07-Jun-2018

Didn't catch any fish. And lots of rain.

by lcrass on 07-Jun-2018

Petersburg is one of our favorite towns in South East Alaska. We may move there someday!

by lcrass on 07-Jun-2018
Img 1280

Stayed at Wrangell for 4 days. Met up with Dale Findlay who lives in Fairbanks Alaska. Fun times! Gave him our old anchor, a crab cracker, and an EPIRB electronic device. Went hiking to the top of mount Dewey above the town of Wrangell Alaska. It was mostly wood built stairs up the mountain. 530 stairs! Woo hoo, we are good!