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by lcrass on 18-Sep 17:39 PDT ( 48.512333, -122.60695 )

Well, our trip is over... We arrived back in Anacortes and will be getting the boat hauled out of the water on 9/21/17. Then hopefully heading back home on 9/23/27. Nice trip except for going through too much rain in Alaska! Guess we are whinny Californian's!

by lcrass on 18-Sep 17:35 PDT ( 48.512333, -122.60695 )
Img 0864

We came accross a nice sign that helps educate everyone in California on how to save water! Works for me!

by lcrass on 17-Sep 17:33 PDT ( 48.512333, -122.60695 )

While leaving Nanaimo, Sandy the Wonder Dog is having a ball with us. Isn't she the cutest thing?

by lcrass on 17-Sep 17:32 PDT ( 48.512333, -122.60695 )

After leaving Nanaimo, we passed a huge ship with tons of logs.

by lcrass on 16-Sep 17:37 PDT ( 48.512333, -122.60695 )

After departing Nanaimo, we crossed the border back in to Washington and arrived at Roche Harbor. Nice place!

by lcrass on 16-Sep 17:29 PDT ( 48.512333, -122.60695 )

Right after leaving Ford Cove, we passed a little island where lots of seals and sea gulls were hanging out partying!

We arrived later at the town of Nanaimo. Had a great hike on Newcastle Island and then met up with Cal and Nancy on Hale Kai 2! Had a great time with them. Great to see them out and getting ready to fish again!

by lcrass on 15-Sep 17:28 PDT ( 48.512333, -122.60695 )

We left Campbell River and arrived at Ford Cove on Hornbey Island. Nice place to visit and nice hiking!

by lcrass on 14-Sep 17:27 PDT ( 48.512333, -122.60695 )

We are still moving south to head back home. We arrived in the nice town of Campbell River in British Columbia.

by lcrass on 14-Sep 17:25 PDT ( 48.512333, -122.60695 )

On our way to Blind Channel Resort, we came accross a whole school of dolphins. They seemed to luv us! Many were riding in our bow wake.

by lcrass on 08-Sep 17:21 PDT ( 48.512333, -122.60695 )

We arrived in Port McNeill on Sept 8'th. Due to bad weather, we ended up staying at the marina for 4 days! Getting very tired of the poor weather. But here's a nice picture of a bald eagle on the top of another boat's mast.