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by lcrass on 16-Apr 19:45 PDT

The plan for our boat trip for 2016 is getting finalized. We plan to depart in late April or early May. We plan to go up to South East Alaska again and have tons of fun.

by lcrass on 24-Aug-2015
Trip map 2015

Well, we are now back in Anacortes Washington where we keep our boat stored. This drawing shows the complete route that we took this summer starting in Washington, going through British Columbia, and touring Southeast Alaska. Then returning back to Washington. The trip started on May 7'th and ended on August 23'rd. Our total miles for this trip was 2,789 nautical miles which converts to 3,209 real miles!

This trip has been much more incredible and enjoyable than we ever thought it would be! Alaska is truly amazing and a really wonderful place to visit... and catch fish and crab... and watch bears...and see bald eagles...and visit glaciers...and see whales galore...and visit gorgeous towns with awesomely nice people... and meet up with some other really nice boat people that are now lifelong friends!

What a trip!!!

Thanks very much again to Tommi Berry, Chas Brannon, Chuck and Tammy Brannon, and Pop Crass for all the help and support which made this trip possible.

by lcrass on 22-Aug-2015

We decided it was time to head home. We departed Nanaimo British Columbia this morning and jumped the border back into Washington. Our last stop is at Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. Weather is beautiful and this is a truly amazing boating community! Tomorrow we will head back to Anacortes which is sort of our second home. And the boat's home too!

by lcrass on 20-Aug-2015
by lcrass on 20-Aug-2015

Today while relaxing at Pender Harbor, we decided to take a nice long hike to the top of Mount Daniel which overlooks Pender Harbor and the Strait of Georgia. The hike was a very good work out for all including Sandy the Wonder Dog! Once we were finished with the hike, it was time for an "adult beverage", and a nap!

by lcrass on 18-Aug-2015 ( 49.786, -124.520017 )

And here's my favorite driftwood art of all. Captain Calamari!

by lcrass on 18-Aug-2015 ( 49.7062, -124.3159 )

Here's just a taste of what the inside of the boaters driftwood museum looks like! Pretty amazing!

by lcrass on 18-Aug-2015 ( 49.7877, -124.5248 )

Here's just a sample of what the famous boaters driftwood museum looks like.

by lcrass on 18-Aug-2015 ( 49.788717, -124.529483 )

We took a hike with our friends Mike, Katie, and Penny over to the boaters driftwood museum.

by lcrass on 18-Aug-2015 ( 49.792, -124.54945 )

After leaving Dent Island Resort and most of our remaining money, we headed to the Octopus Islands. This is yet another of our favorite places. We met up again with our friends Mike and Katie and Penny on the boat KYA. They graciously invited us over for dinner and we graciously gave them some nice halibut! They sure have a very nice boat.

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