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by lcrass on 29-Jun 18:24

While relaxing at Hoonah after our week in Glacier Bay, we decided to go out and do a little fishing... now that we are experts at catching halibut! Well, wouldn't you know it, Marcia hooked into a very nice (and big) halibut! It weighed 60 lbs! I was very proud of her. But Damn it, she out fished me again! I need to start taking Sandy out fishing and leave Marcia on the boat!

by lcrass on 28-Jun 07:02

On our last day in Glacier Bay, Marcia and I went fishing at some secret halibut spots. And we finally caught some nice Halibut! Unfortunately Marcia's was bigger than mine! Her's was 11.5 lbs and mine was only 10.5 lbs. And to top it off, Marcia caught a nice pacific cod and an ugly rockfish! I guess I get most of the credit for teaching her how to fish! We moved on back to the town of Hoonah after leaving Glacier Bay and had a very tasty halibut dinner! Life is good!

by lcrass on 26-Jun 07:49 ( 58.624883, -136.312483 )
by lcrass on 25-Jun 07:55 ( 58.62485, -136.3126 )

And after drinking ourselves silly with glacier ice, we headed back to the boat. Nice view of Reid Glacier and the cute admiral!

by lcrass on 25-Jun 07:53 ( 58.624933, -136.31245 )

Marcia... having no fear, went into a nice blue glacier ice tunnel. Good thing she made it out safely so I could get my nightly back rub!

by lcrass on 25-Jun 07:51 ( 58.624933, -136.312467 )

Could resist imitating the seals to try and figure out why the hell they like laying on ice! I found that is was quite surprisingly comfortable!

by lcrass on 25-Jun 07:50 ( 58.624917, -136.312483 )

Just like the seals, Marcia was getting a bit hot from the hiking and was using the glacier ice to cool off! At least her butt got cool!

by lcrass on 25-Jun 07:47 ( 58.624867, -136.312483 )

I was able to climb into a glacier tunnel and drink some of the thousand year old melting ice! Tasted just like vodka! Marcia had to drag me outa there!

by lcrass on 25-Jun 07:46 ( 58.624783, -136.3125 )

We took our kyaks out and paddled a mile up to the base of Reid Glacier. We landed the kayaks and were able to hike around.

by lcrass on 24-Jun 07:42 ( 58.624767, -136.31255 )

After visiting Margerie and Johns Hopkins glaciers, we decided to anchor for the night in Reid Inlet where it just so happens we see the Reid Glacier at the head of the inlet. This glacier is close to the water but does not break off into the water. Looks like a good place to take a hike!

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