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by lcrass on 11-Oct-2013 ( 48.496092, -122.604156 )

We drove back home last week after visiting my dad in Northern Cal. The weather seems much better in Santa Maria than it was in Anacortes. Guess we are a tad spoiled! Well it's back to yard work, golfing, fishing, petting the cat, walking the dog, and napping!

We have enjoyed sharing info and photos of our trip. Hope you all got a few good chuckles!

End of Blog for 2013!

by lcrass on 01-Oct-2013 ( 48.496092, -122.604156 )

We have the boat now resting peacefully on dry land. She is a little embarrassed to have her "undersides" all exposed for the public to see! Especially that cute little rudder! But she's got one of her kin parked next to her. We met some very nice folks, Cal and Nancy Massey up in the wilds of British Columbia who own a boat that was built by the same manufacturer as ours. And strangely enough, their boat has the same name as ours! (Now that is freaky!)

The boat is now prepped for winter and we will be leaving Washington to go back to Santa Maria today in our land boat with Sandy keeping us company and making us stop and take breaks every couple hours.

It's been an interesting and fun adventure!

by lcrass on 22-Sep-2013 ( 48.512322, -122.608675 )

Now that's what I'm talkin about! I have 3 new best friends I met at the Oyster Run!

by lcrass on 22-Sep-2013 ( 48.512322, -122.608675 )

The Seattle Cossacks motorcycle stunt team put on a good show at the Oyster Run.

Click on title for more pictures.

by lcrass on 22-Sep-2013 ( 48.512322, -122.608675 )

Today is the 32'nd annual Anacortes Oyster Run. The whole town is closed down and thousands of motorcyclists ride in to eat oysters, drink beer, and maybe do a little pillaging and plundering!

by lcrass on 21-Sep-2013 ( 48.512322, -122.608675 )

The dependable old girl (the boat, not Marcia!) took us safely from Long Beach to Oxnard, from Oxnard to Anacortes (Washington), from Anacortes to the wilds of British Columbia, then back to Anacortes. The total trip distance was well over 2000 miles! And she is still floating, keeping us warm, and keeping our beer cold! Anacortes is a beautiful town and we have decided to leave the boat here for the winter and will be putting her on dry land until next spring. She is scheduled to come out of the water 9/25. A few days after that, we will be jumping in the other ole girl (the car, not Marcia) and heading to our other home in Santa Maria.

Like most towns, Anacortes has a Saturday farmers market... and of course most farmers markets have a pastry booth... the ole girl (Marcia, not the boat or the car) couldnt let them thar pastries escape! Of course, I have to admit that I had to help her not let some escape too!

by lcrass on 15-Sep-2013 ( 48.798978, -123.309842 )

Well, wouldn't you know it, but all the kids at the dock have been hanging around our boat fishing. These are a bunch of real hard core fisher-people as they fished all day Saturday until dark, and are back at it again this morning. I think our boat must be a "fish magnet". At least it was for Marcia! I'm seriously considering going to ask them for fishing tips!

by lcrass on 14-Sep-2013 ( 48.798978, -123.309842 )

Well here we are on North Pender Island, nicely tucked in at Otter Bay. They are hosting a really nice dinner tonight for all us "boat-niks". The marina is one of the prettiest we've been to. This Island is only 6 miles from the US Canadian border as we get close to the end of our boating trip. We plan to leave Otter Bay tomorrow and head back to Washington.... sniffle sniffle!

by lcrass on 12-Sep-2013 ( 48.925042, -123.713875 )

Well, as we are heading back South, we couldn't resist stopping at our favorite pastry heaven in the town of Chemainus. We can now say without a doubt, that the Utopia Bakery makes the most awsome-est pastries around.

As they say on Larry's new favorite TV show...

"Everybody Happy, Happy, Happy" !

by lcrass on 12-Sep-2013 ( 48.925042, -123.713875 )

Well, the Canadian mosquitos seem to have found them some right tasty American vittles! The mosquito terrorists are dive bombing our boat looking for American blood! Being the smart pirates and engineers that we are, we have mounted our own holy war against the blood sucker "jihad" .

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