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by lcrass on 25-Aug 17:07 ( 52.1476, -128.0877 )

Today on our way to Shearwater, we saw a group of 4 killer whales! I wanted to get my fishing pole out, but Marcia said "NO" !

by lcrass on 23-Aug 17:00 ( 52.1476, -128.0877 )

Well, after eatin tons of salmon, the sea lions started just floating around on top of the water and rubbin against each other. Looked kinda like a sea lion orgy!

by lcrass on 23-Aug 16:52 ( 52.1476, -128.0877 )

On our way to Barnard Harbor, we went through Whale Channel. It lived up to its name as we saw tons of whales just swimming around having fun. After anchoring in Barnard Harbor, we saw a group of sea lions hunting in the school of salmon that was swimming around. The large male sea lions would grab the salmon and shake them around to kill them to provide food for the females and young’uns. Then we saw a large black bear on shore pokin around. We sure are having a great time seeing all these wild animals in their natural environment.

by lcrass on 23-Aug 13:48
by lcrass on 23-Aug 13:13 ( 53.3375, -129.2502 )

While heading for Barnard Harbor, a freakin whale steered right in front of us! I honked at it but it didnt give a hoot! He even sprayed us with his stinky whale breath and got it on our boat! Sandy wanted to go out and lick it off! Go figure.

by lcrass on 22-Aug 20:02 ( 53.5576, -129.5709 )

Marcia was really enjoying watching the salmon try to leap the waterfall. Note the salmon jumping behind her!

by lcrass on 22-Aug 19:52 ( 53.5576, -129.5709 )

After leaving Prince Rupert, we started our journey south again. We stopped at Lowe Inlet where we heard rumors of salmon jumping a waterfall to swim upstream. Once we arrived, we quickly got the kayaks down and motored over to the waterfall. And sure enough, there were salmon jumping like mad trying to get up the waterfall. Caught 3 at once in this picture.

by lcrass on 22-Aug 19:04 ( 53.5576, -129.5709 )

Here we are crusing down the water version of the Alaska Highway. This is the route the cruise ships take on their way to Alaska.

by lcrass on 20-Aug 15:48 ( 54.3199, -130.3186 )

Marcia and I decided to do a little fishing today. As you can see from the high res photo, I caught a shark that Marcia helped me net, while an octopus had a hold of our engine and we were being chased by a killer whale. Doesn't get much better than that!

by lcrass on 20-Aug 15:47 ( 54.3199, -130.3186 )

Well, I guess I should have expected it.... caught Marcia sneaking in and out of a bakery!

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