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by lcrass on 26-Jun 19:20 PDT ( 58.106567, -135.44575 )
Tenakee signs
by lcrass on 26-Jun 19:19 PDT ( 58.106567, -135.44575 )
by lcrass on 26-Jun 19:18 PDT ( 58.106567, -135.44575 )

And after seeing oodles of slugs on the road, we came across this nice sign!

by lcrass on 26-Jun 19:17 PDT ( 58.106567, -135.44575 )

We hiked along the towns narrow dirt road. The road is full of huge black slugs! We passed hundreds of them crawling accross the road! Not sure if they are good eatin or not!

by lcrass on 25-Jun 19:15 PDT ( 58.106567, -135.44575 )

We departed Red Bluff Bay to head to Tenakee Springs. A planned short stop on the way to Hoonah where halibut are abundant! Tenakee Springs is a very different and cute little town.

by lcrass on 24-Jun 19:18 PDT ( 58.106567, -135.44575 )

And while anchored in Red Bluff Bay, a nice waterfall enhanced our nice scenery!

by lcrass on 24-Jun 19:15 PDT ( 58.106567, -135.44575 )

And here we saw a mean grizzly bear!

by lcrass on 24-Jun 19:10 PDT ( 58.106567, -135.44575 )

After catching a nice bunch of halibut, we moved on to Red Bluff Bay where we hear there are bears to see... And here's the first one we saw as we just entered the bay. A nice black bear looking for fooood!

by lcrass on 22-Jun 19:07 PDT ( 58.106567, -135.44575 )

Marcia and I went out fishing for halibut and woo hooo, caught 5 of them nice tasting little babies! We stylin now!

by lcrass on 21-Jun 19:06 PDT ( 58.106567, -135.44575 )

We departed Wrangle and headed for Alvin Cove which is a place we went last year and saw moose and caught halibut. After arriving, we saw a cute little bear onshore.

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