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by lcrass on 29-Jul 11:42 ( 51.654778, -128.123703 )

After a morning sprinkle, we decided to head out and try again to catch some salmon. Well, the fishing rules are that you have to use barbless hooks. What's up with that crap??? Well, we hooked 4 salmon but only got one on the boat. But fortunately it was the biggest one we hooked. We estimate it was about a 15 pounder. It was a good team effort to get her on the boat. We are on a roll now baby!

by lcrass on 29-Jul 10:38 ( 51.654783, -128.123706 )

While out fishing for salmon this morning, we came across about a thousand seaguls diving on bait fish. As we approached, they seemed to get a little mad at us. For a moment, it felt like they were about to attack us like they did in Alfred Hitchcocks movie "The Birds"! It scared the salmon bait out of me!

by lcrass on 28-Jul 09:37 ( 51.654747, -128.124058 )

We took a nice long hike on the incredibly well maintained trails here at Calvert Island. We missed getting some really good pictures due to some fog in the morning. Just like home! Several of the trails lead to really beautiful sandy beaches, through lovely forests, and even one nice lake full of lily pads. Here's a picture of the super hikers at North Beach. Unfortunately, Sandy's shoulder is a bit sore, so we let her guard the boat for us.

by lcrass on 28-Jul 09:00 ( 51.65475, -128.124025 )

During our hike to North Beach, we passed by a small lake full of lily pads. We tried gigging some frogs for dinner, but they were smarter than us!

by lcrass on 25-Jul 20:39 ( 51.654717, -128.1247 )

All that's missing are the bikini babes on this beach!

by lcrass on 25-Jul 20:35 ( 51.654683, -128.124733 )

After dodging the grizzly bear, we continued our trip over to Calvert Island to a very nice place called Pruth Bay. We've heard great things about the hiking, fishing, and scenery. We took a short hike to West Beach on the open ocean side of the island and were truly amazed at how beautiful it looked. This is a very fine sand beach that reminds us of Hawaii only without palm trees.

by lcrass on 25-Jul 14:52 ( 51.654733, -128.124683 )

As we were hiking to West Beach today we almost stepped on this mangy looking Canadian Weasel Slug! This one happened to be a "Blond Weasel Slug and it seemed to be wandering around aimlessly. Isn't she just the cutest thing? I think I will bring this one home with me and give it to my good buddy Phil as a pet!

by lcrass on 25-Jul 09:51 ( 51.6547, -128.124333 )

Well, since the salmon fishing wasn't that great, we decided to move on to where we hear the salmon just jump into your boat! We departed Fury Cove and motored on over to Pruth Bay on Calvert Island. Just as we were leaving Fury Cove, (just like last year) we almost ran over a bear that was swimming accross the channel to Fury Island. Last year it was a black bear... this year it was a grizzly bear!

by lcrass on 24-Jul 18:48 ( 51.6547, -128.12435 )

Well, since we got mostly skunked fishing for salmon, we changed gears and fished for rock bass. Of course being the experts we are, we caught about a dozen! We kept 3 big ones and they were mighty tasty too.

by lcrass on 23-Jul 10:46 ( 51.654717, -128.12435 )

Marcia and I got our salmon fishing gear all ready and headed out to snag a dozen or so wild salmon. Well... wouldnt you know it, but we only caught one that was about 12 inches long! Ok, I admit it, it was Marcia who caught it! But while trolling for salmon, we did catch a nice big rock bass! He/she was very tasty!

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