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by lcrass on 18-Jul 20:06 PDT ( 56.856167, -135.519617 )

We left Sitka this morning and anchored at Biorka Island. We immediatley went fishing for salmon... and I caught 2 Coho salmon and Marcia... caught none! heheheh!

by lcrass on 15-Jul 20:11 PDT ( 56.856167, -135.519617 )

We tried talking to one of the bears and he looked right at us. He was only 30 feet away. And it even looks like he is smiling!

by lcrass on 15-Jul 20:00 PDT ( 56.856167, -135.519617 )

After catching our first bunch of halibut, we went back to Petersburg Alaska to pick up some mail. Then we went on to Sandman Bite to try fishing for more halibut... but no luck! Then we went on to Ell Cove on 7/14/17 to fish for salmon... but no luck... again!

But we traveled over to the fish hatchery again this year and saw some really cool bears!

by lcrass on 10-Jul 20:13 PDT ( 56.856167, -135.519617 )
Img 0690

Found some really nice hats in Petersburg. Guess I need to buy some!

by lcrass on 09-Jul 06:54 PDT ( 56.809167, -132.964833 )
Img 0695
by lcrass on 08-Jul 06:52 PDT ( 56.809167, -132.964833 )
Img 0693

We left Petersburg just to do some fishing. We anchored in Portage Bay. We went out in our dinghy and caught 3 halibuts!!! Woo Hooo... except Marcia outfished me again! She caught 2 and I caught 1. And she caught the biggest.

by lcrass on 07-Jul 06:52 PDT ( 56.809167, -132.964833 )
Img 0684
by lcrass on 07-Jul 06:50 PDT ( 56.809167, -132.964833 )
Img 0681

During our hike in Petersburg, we again passed by our favorite doggy beach! Sandy Beach!

by lcrass on 06-Jul 06:48 PDT ( 56.809167, -132.964833 )

We arrived in Petersburg Alaska. Seems like it's raining a lot more than our previous trips. Found some cute pictures of tee shirts and hats in town.

by lcrass on 06-Jul 06:46 PDT ( 56.809167, -132.964833 )
Img 0680

We departed Wrangell and headed to Petersburg Alaska which is one of our favorite towns. There were some awesome views of snow and glaciers off in the distance. Here's my lovely wife and Sandy the Wonder Dog while underway.