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by lcrass on 23-Jul 18:00 PDT ( 58.1066, -135.445883 )

And here's Judi who just caught a rubber salmon in the museum! She's a really good fisher person!

by lcrass on 23-Jul 17:45 PDT ( 58.1066, -135.445883 )
Img 2224

And here's Marcia flying down the zipper!

by lcrass on 23-Jul 17:44 PDT ( 58.1066, -135.445883 )
Img 2215

And here's Judi and Larry flyin down the mountain at 60 miles an hour! Wow, that was an amazing ride!

by lcrass on 23-Jul 17:42 PDT ( 58.106617, -135.445883 )
Img 2213

Well, we sucked in our gut and bought tickets to ride the worlds longest and highest zip line ride. The zip line is more than a mile long, dropping over 1300 vertical feet, and flying at over 60 miles per hour!!! Holy crap was that a blast! Here's the team getting ready to jump in and flyawayyyyyy!

by lcrass on 22-Jul 17:41 PDT ( 58.106617, -135.445883 )

After arriving in Hoonah, we went hiking up to Icy Straight Point. Aren't these just the cutest people you ever saw???

by lcrass on 21-Jul 17:41 PDT ( 58.106617, -135.445883 )
by lcrass on 21-Jul 17:40 PDT ( 58.106617, -135.445883 )
Img 2195

And here's Judi fishing for halibut! Looks like a fishing pro!

by lcrass on 21-Jul 17:37 PDT ( 58.106617, -135.445883 )
Img 2192

After leaving Funter Bay, we headed to Hoonah. On our way, we decided to stop and fish for halibut off the big boat... wow, we got 5 halibut!!! And this time... I got the biggest one! 44 pounder! Judi was a big help!

by lcrass on 20-Jul 17:36 PDT ( 58.106617, -135.445867 )
Img 2182

After picking up Marcia's sister Judi, we headed to Funter Bay and went crabbing. Caught a few nice ones... I mean "mean" ones!

by lcrass on 17-Jul 17:34 PDT ( 58.106617, -135.445867 )
Whale tails

As we were heading to Juneau to pick up Marcia's sister, we came across a whole school of whales! They were showing off their tails!

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