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by lcrass on 23-Sep-2016
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We are finally back in Washington and having the boat taken back out of the water so it can sit on dry land over the winter. Sad that our great trip is over. We are bringing home about 150 lbs of halibut and salmon. That should be enough dinners for a few weeks! We will be driving home tomorrow (Saturday 9/24/16). Look forward to seeing all our friends again!

The end!

by lcrass on 23-Sep-2016
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After all that awesome and rough time fishing in Alaska and Canada, we found an ideal product to help us recover!

by lcrass on 08-Sep-2016 ( 53.4243, -129.251217 )

And here's the one fish I caught. I was honored that it was 1/2 inch longer than Marcia's biggest fish. Woooo Hoooo!!!

by lcrass on 08-Sep-2016 ( 53.4243, -129.251217 )

We arrived at one of our favorite salmong fishing spots in British Columbia called Hartley Bay. Went salmon fishing yesterday and did pretty well. We brought back 3 nice Coho salmon. Of course my lovely wife Marcia out fished me again... damnit!

by lcrass on 04-Sep-2016 ( 54.319617, -130.32 )
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Hey, found a new Tee-Shirt with a perfect picture on it! Luuuuv it!

by lcrass on 03-Sep-2016 ( 54.319617, -130.32 )

Well, it's time to start cruising south and leaving Alaska. We should be back in Washington in a couple weeks, then will drive on home provided I remember how to drive a car!

by lcrass on 31-Aug-2016 ( 56.353533, -133.360617 )
by lcrass on 31-Aug-2016 ( 56.35395, -133.3671 )

Looks like my effort to jury rig Marcia's fishing gear worked! Caught a nice 35 lb halibut near Sumner Island. Nanner Nanner Marcia!!!

by lcrass on 26-Aug-2016 ( 56.35625, -133.398567 )
by lcrass on 25-Aug-2016 ( 56.91595, -134.17715 )

While at Sandman Bight, some whales came very close to our anchorage and began feeding. They were going underwater and swiming in a circle while blowing bubbles to heard the bait closer together. Then the whale would fly up through the bubble circle with it's mouth open and swallow the nice dinner. Got some great videos of this action! Totally awesome! Here's the whale coming out of the water to grab his food.